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BRAVE CF 64: Sparks fly at the Ceremonial Weigh Ins

LockerRoom Team
22 October 2022

BRAVE CF 64: African All Stars is all set to happen today. The conclusion of today's ceremonial weigh-ins at the Khalifa Sports City Arena marks the beginning of the second leg of the three-part Kombat Kingdom festival.

Having said that, 10 foreign gladiators from various nations were chosen for this historic card. These ten competitors showed their thanks during today's passionate staredowns after successfully gaining weight. Amateurs Israel Mano of Burkina Faso and Remy Serge of France ascended the stage before controlling their emotions to concentrate and look each other in the eye prior to their amateur light heavyweight match.

They appeared content to be in the middle of an international organization's fight week. Brendan Lesar, a normally composed South African, was elated as he lined up to meet Bahrain's Zagid Gaidarov, a BRAVE CF debutant, before their Super Welterweight match.

Mzwandile "Snakebone" Hlongwa, a Zulu Warrior from Africa, appeared to be inspired by his ancestors as he entered the ring to confront top-ranked Middleweight Abusupyan Alikhanov before their Middleweight matchup. The two fighters drew so close to one another that just a hair strand could separate them, causing BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid to quell the heat by ordering the sportsmen to face the cameras and spectators.

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Nkosi "The Future" Ndebele of South Africa, who was honoured to represent Africa on this special card, entered the ring wearing the flag of his home nation around his shoulders like Superman. After looking his Latvian opponent Matiss Zaharovs in the eye prior to their co-main Bantamweight match, Ndebele actually called out the champion, Brad "Superman" Katona.

“Brad Katona currently has a four-fight win streak, after this fight, I will have a fight-fight win streak. So I want the belt next. No disrespect to Matiss, but I am the future,” said Ndebele.

But Zaharovs moved quickly to extinguish the light of the fifth-ranked Bantamweight. Zaharovs continued, "I'm going to end his winning streak and I'll be the second person to ruin his record.

Tae Kyun Kim of South Korea and Roman Bogatov of Russia finished the ceremonial weigh-in on a heated yet humorous tone before the main event. Bogatov and Kim exchanged pleasantries before their fight for the vacant BRAVE CF Featherweight title, after which Bogatov praised Kim for his flamboyant sunglasses.

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Respect was the order of the day, but both athletes made it obvious that they will fight for the BRAVE CF Featherweight title tomorrow when they enter the cage.

“I have walked a long journey to be at this point, since my childhood I have prepared for this moment and for this title. Tomorrow I will become the second Russian BRAVE CF champion,” said Bogatov.

Kim - who proudly embraced his South Korean flag implored fans to tune in and watch history being made. “There is no expectation, but I will give all I have to become the first South Korean BRAVE CF champion. “I will bring one hell of a fight for the BRAVE CF fans and the MMA fans around the world … expect a great fight.”

BRAVE CF 64 Official Weigh-In Results:

  • Featherweight world title: Tae Kyun Kim (65,6kg) vs Roman Bogatov (65,8kg)
  • Bantamweight: Nkosi Ndebele (61,5kg) vs Matiss Zaharovs (61,6kg)
  • Middleweight: Mzwandile Hlongwa (83,9kg) vs Abusupyan Alikhanov (84,3kg)
  • Super Welterweight: Brendan Lesar (79,6kg) vs Zagid Gaidarov (79,3kg)
  • Amateur Light Heavyweight: Israel Mano (93kg) vs Remy Serge (92,9kg)

What are your predictions for the event?


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