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Muay Thai Fighters Ashish Sethi and Prateek Vats pick up wins in Thailand

LockerRoom Team
24 September 2023

Indian Muay Thai fighters Ashish Sethi and Prateek Vats showcased their mettle in the ring, securing impressive victories at the renowned Patong Boxing Stadium. Their remarkable performances underline the growing prowess of Indian fighters on the international Muay Thai scene.

In a thrilling 74 KG bout, Ashish Sethi left spectators in awe as he secured a resounding victory via a knockout. His powerful strikes and unwavering determination proved too much for his opponent, culminating in a decisive win.

Prateek Vats, competing in the 60 KG category, demonstrated exceptional resilience and determination. Despite facing adversity that led to him receiving eight stitches, Prateek's spirit remained unbroken. In a remarkable comeback, he persevered and triumphed in his fight through a decision victory. Notably, Prateek also knocked down his opponent in the second round, showcasing his undeniable skill and tenacity.

Both Ashish Sethi and Prateek Vats have been on impressive winning streaks during their time in Thailand, consistently delivering exceptional performances and earning accolades in the world of Muay Thai. Their victories at the Patong Boxing Stadium serve as a testament to their dedication, training, and unwavering commitment to the sport.

The rising success of Indian Muay Thai fighters like Ashish and Prateek reflects the growing popularity and strength of Indian martial arts on the international stage.

As they continue to make their mark in Thailand and beyond, the future looks bright for Ashish Sethi and Prateek Vats, and their achievements serve as a source of pride for India's thriving martial arts community.


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