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Art of Combat 9: The Matrix: Full Fight card for the event

Art of Combat returns with Art of Combat 9: The Matrix on 17 December 2022 from the Artjuna Café in Goa. The event will feature a string of exciting fights across multiple weight classes and ages.

The lead card for the event will kickstart at 4:00 PM IST and the undercard will start at 6:00 PM IST. The main card for the event will start at 8:00 PM IST.

The event will be headed by the showdown between Waheeb Wakeel of Indian Combat Sports Academy going up against Balveer Singh Tomar of Yogya MMA. The WKO featherweight K1 title between Aquire Khan and Manthan Rane will be another major attraction on the fight card.

Young MMA star from Manipur, Korouhenba Urungpurel will be in action at the event as he fights Lekraj Bagde on the main card. You can see the complete fight card for the event below.

Lead Card: 4 PM IST on 17 December 2022

  • DARIY SHIRONIN (Red Corner) vs BORYS HANIN (Blue Corner)
  • CHANDAN MANDAL (Red Corner) vs SAIEL MANDREKAR (Blue Corner)
  • SERGEI NORTH (Red Corner) vs JEFFIN K THOMAS (Blue Corner)
  • SHREYAS M (Red Corner) vs MANU VISHAL SINGH PARIHAR (Blue Corner)
  • RAHUL KHARUNA (Red Corner) vs GUNJAN CHOWDHARY (Blue Corner)
  • ANAND SAH (Red Corner) vs MEVRICK MASCARREHNAS (Blue Corner)
  • JEFFIN K THOMAS (Red Corner) vs PAVEL TYUMENTSEV (Blue Corner)
  • NOAH IVALDI (Red Corner) vs AISHU BAGDEWAR (Blue Corner)
  • LAXMAN LAMANI (Red Corner) vs SACHIT NAYAK (Blue Corner)
  • LEKHRAJ BAGDEWAR (Red Corner) vs NOAH IVALDI (Blue Corner)

Undercard: 6 PM IST on 17 December 2022

  • DANG GOPAL SAWA (Red Corner) vs RAVI TALWAR (Blue Corner)
  • ANAS (Red Corner) vs SHUBHAM J (Blue Corner)
  • ABHISHEK KUMAR (Red Corner) vs MAZHAR HUSSEIN (Blue Corner)
  • AHIM THOUSEEF AH (Red Corner) vs JOEL GRACIAS (Blue Corner)
  • NISHANT JHA (Red Corner) vs SIDDARTH KOTHAPALLI (Blue Corner)
  • AJAY INDUCHOODAN (Red Corner) vs HRISHIKESH (Blue Corner)

Main Card: 8 PM IST on 17 December 2022

  • ABDUL KAHAF (Red Corner) vs PRASANJIT PRAKASH (Blue Corner)
  • IGOR SMART (Red Corner) vs RAJ KUMAR (Blue Corner)
  • VISHNU WARRIER (Red Corner) vs ABRAR UDDIN (Blue Corner)
  • MAKSIM (Red Corner) vs BRIJESH KUMAR (Blue Corner)
  • MOHABLESHW (Red Corner) vs  (Blue Corner)
  • AR TORASKAR (Red Corner) vs ROHIT MHAKALE (Blue Corner)
  • MANJU KIRAN (Red Corner) vs SUSOVAN GHOSH (Blue Corner)
  • MANTHANE RANE (Red Corner) vs AQUIRE KHAN (Blue Corner)

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