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WATCH: Arjan Bhullar gets red card, loses via disqualification to Amir Aliakbari

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Calendar Icon01 March 2024

In a dramatic turn of events at ONE 166: Qatar, the highly anticipated showdown between Arjan Bhullar and Amir Aliakbari ended in controversy, leaving fans and pundits alike stunned.

The bout, which took place at the prestigious Lusail Sports Arena, was expected to be a showcase of elite heavyweight talent. However, the outcome was far from what anyone had predicted.

Throughout the match, tensions ran high as both fighters exchanged heavy shots and vied for dominance in the cage. However, the turning point came when referee Herb Dean issued a yellow card to Arjan Bhullar for inactivity, resulting in a 20% deduction from his purse.

Despite Bhullar's best efforts to rally back, the momentum shifted when he found himself on the receiving end of some powerful strikes from Amir Aliakbari. With the Iranian superstar looking to solidify his position as a top contender for the ONE Heavyweight MMA World Title, the pressure was on for Bhullar to mount a comeback.

However, just as the fight seemed to be reaching a climax, chaos ensued when Bhullar was disqualified after the referee issued the red card handing Aliakbari the victory in unexpected fashion. The disqualification left both fighters and the audience bewildered, prompting a wave of speculation and debate over the decision.

For Aliakbari, the win represents a significant step towards his goal of securing a shot at the coveted ONE Heavyweight MMA World Title. With a string of impressive victories under his belt, including this controversial triumph over Bhullar, Aliakbari is poised to make his mark on the division.

Meanwhile, for Bhullar, the disappointment of defeat coupled with the controversy surrounding the disqualification leaves him with more questions than answers. As a former divisional king, Bhullar now faces the challenge of regrouping and plotting his path back to contention in the highly competitive ONE Championship heavyweight division.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Amir Aliakbari defeats Arjan “Singh” Bhullar via disqualification at 4:15 of round three



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