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Apex Combat Championship: Waheeb Wakeel vs. Darren Kharshandy to be co-main

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Calendar Icon15 September 2023

An exciting showdown between Waheeb Wakeel and Darren Kharshandy is set to be the co-main event for Apex Combat Championship. The event is scheduled to happen on September 30, in Dimapur, Nagaland.

For Darren Kharshandy, a formidable talent hailing from Shillong at Happy Red Rooster MMA, the fight is bound to be an interesting one as he embarks on his journey as a professional MMA fighter. With an impressive amateur record boasting 11 victories, Kharshandy is poised to make a statement in the professional ranks.

Kharshandy's decision to step into the professional arena has drawn the attention of MMA enthusiasts. His remarkable amateur record not only showcases his skill and dedication but also underscores his potential to be a future star in the sport.

Kharshandy is set to face a formidable opponent in Waheeb Wakeel an undefeated Bantamweight prospect hailing from Bangalore and Indian Combat Sports Academy.

Waheeb's unblemished record speaks volumes about his talent and determination inside the cage. The clash between these two promising fighters promises to be a thrilling encounter, pitting Kharshandy's experience and ambition against Waheeb's unbeaten streak.

Other fights announced

Two of India's top flyweights. Nazareth Lalthazuala, a national gold medalist in amateur MMA with a stellar record of 11 wins and 1 loss, brings his exceptional skills to the cage. Standing across from him is the undefeated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu wizard, Aman Gussain, boasting an impressive 7-0 record. It's a matchup that guarantees fireworks and a showcase of their expertise.

Another fight announced features a flyweight knockout artist, Aboto Ayemi, whose incredible KO rate speaks for itself. He's set to go head-to-head with Mizoram's own Phenom Lalhmangaihzuala, who brings an impressive record of 11 wins and 2 losses. This bout promises explosive striking exchanges and a battle for supremacy in the flyweight division that fans won't want to miss.

What is Apex Combat Championship?

Conceived by Yanrenthung Lotha, a passionate MMA and fitness enthusiast, and Chenithing Jami, an accomplished MMA fighter and the proprietor of Biohack Performance Fitness Center and Naga Budo (MMA), ACC has teamed up with the renowned Musik-A events and Tunein Store to bring this vision to life.

MMA has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sports globally, captivating audiences with its dynamic blend of striking and grappling disciplines. India's Northeast region, and Nagaland in particular, has recently witnessed a remarkable surge in interest and talent within the MMA sphere. Athletes hailing from this region possess a natural aptitude for combat sports, making it a hotbed of potential champions.

Recognizing the wealth of untapped talent in the Northeast, Apex Combat Championship (ACC) was born.

The inaugural edition of ACC is poised to showcase a lineup of star-studded international fighters, including the likes of Musa Conteh from the USA, alongside celebrated figures from the region and across the country. This star power promises to make the event an unforgettable spectacle for MMA enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

The highly anticipated ACC debut is scheduled for September 30th, 2023, at Dimapur, Nagaland. This historic event is expected to draw fighters and fans from far and wide, uniting them in a shared love for MMA.

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