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Which Indian Food does Supergirl Love? Indian Fighter Ann Mary Philip reveals

LockerRoom Team
07 March 2024

Indian Muay Thai and MMA fighter Ann Mary Philip recently shared a captivating photo on social media featuring herself alongside Thai Muay Thai sensation Anna "Supergirl" Jaroonsak. In the heartwarming caption, Ann expressed her excitement at meeting one of the top names in Muay Thai and highlighted Jaroonsak's fondness for Indian cuisine, particularly naan.

Ann's post, shared with her followers, captured the moment she encountered Jaroonsak at Bangtao on Fight Night, an encounter that left her thrilled. In a delightful exchange, Jaroonsak expressed her affinity for Indian food, specifically mentioning her love for naan, much to Ann's delight.

"Think Muay Thai and one of the top names that rush to your mind will definitely be hers @supergirl_jaroonsakgym. Was super thrilled to see her at Bangtao on Fight Night and even happier when she realized we are from India and said 'I like naan' ," Ann wrote in her caption.

Ann, a 39-year-old fighter and mother, has been honing her skills in Thailand, where she recently secured two impressive victories. Her journey in the country saw her triumph in both kickboxing and Muay Thai, showcasing her versatility and determination in combat sports. Hailing from SparRing in Kochi, Kerala, Ann's dedication to her craft is evident, with her son, Chris, also following in her footsteps as a fighter.

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The meeting between Ann and Jaroonsak underscores the camaraderie and mutual respect shared among athletes in the combat sports community. Despite hailing from different backgrounds, their shared passion for martial arts and the bond forged over their love for Indian cuisine highlights the universality of sportsmanship and camaraderie.


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