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Breaking Stereotypes: Rise of Angel Patil as a Young Female Fighter in MMA

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Calendar Icon22 June 2023

Breaking Stereotypes: Rise of Angel Patil as a Young Female Fighter in MMA

14 Year-Old Angel Patil, a rising star in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), has been making headlines with her impressive skills and determination.

Hailing from India, this young female fighter has overcome challenges and defied stereotypes to pursue her passion for combat sports. In an exclusive interview with LockerRoom India, Angel opened up about her journey, the hurdles she faced, and her aspirations in the dynamic realm of MMA.

Inspiration from her father

Angel's initiation into the world of martial arts was heavily influenced by her father, who had a background in karate. "My father wished that I should do any combat sports," Angel recalls. "During one summer vacation, I joined a gym with him, where I witnessed fighters training in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Intrigued by their discipline and dedication, I decided to embark on the same path."

Initially focusing on BJJ, Angel soon ventured into MMA after participating in several tournaments. Balancing her training and competing in MMA with her regular school and personal life was a challenge she approached with ease. "I split my day," Angel explains. "Mornings are dedicated to studies, while evenings are reserved for fitness and training. This routine allows me to strike a balance between my passions."

The difficulty in finding opponents

As a young female fighter in a male-dominated sport like MMA, Angel acknowledges the difficulty of finding opponents in her age and weight category. However, she remains undeterred, seeking opportunities to showcase her skills and compete at her best.

Reflecting on her most memorable fights, Angel emphasizes the value of each experience. "Every fight teaches me something," she says. "Thus, every fight is memorable for me”.

Her mental and physical preparation before stepping into the cage involves belief in herself and the training she has undergone. By staying calm and relaxed, Angel ensures she is mentally prepared and ready to face any challenge.

Advice to Young MMA Fighters

When asked about her advice for young girls interested in pursuing MMA, Angel's enthusiasm shines through. "MMA is a rapidly growing sport and a fantastic opportunity for self-defense," she affirms. "If you are interested, find a good gym and go for it. MMA builds character and equips you to face real-life situations."

Handling nerves and pressure is another aspect of Angel's preparation. She emphasizes the need to relax her mind and body before a fight, allowing fear to dissipate once she steps into the cage. For her, it becomes a "do or die" moment, where she channels her focus and determination into performing at her best.

The discipline that MMA brings

MMA has had a profound positive influence on Angel's life, both inside and outside the gym. "It has brought discipline to my life and taught me emotional control," she says. The sport has played a significant role in stabilizing her mental state and shaping her character.

Angel draws inspiration from Anshul Jubli, a rising star from India in the world of MMA and the UFC. She also admires Rose Namajunas, who exudes confidence before fights and transforms into an unstoppable force inside the cage. These role models inspire Angel to believe in her own potential and strive for greatness.

Looking ahead, Angel envisions herself as a successful UFC fighter in the world of MMA, while also aspiring to become an ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) World Champion in BJJ. Her determination, coupled with her supportive coaches and family, forms a strong foundation for her MMA career. Their unwavering support has been crucial during both highs and lows, providing her with the strength to overcome setbacks and continue pursuing her passion.

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