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Amanda Ribas makes surprising career move, earns praise from fans

LockerRoom Team
26 February 2024

Amanda Ribas, a prominent figure in the UFC women’s strawweight and flyweight divisions, has reached a significant milestone outside of the octagon. The Brazilian-born fighter, known for her captivating personality and dynamic fighting style, recently announced via Instagram that she has officially earned a degree in physical education.

Ribas, who made her UFC debut in June 2019 and quickly garnered attention with four consecutive victories, has since compiled a commendable 7-3 record in the promotion. Despite her success in the world of mixed martial arts, the 30-year-old athlete recognizes the importance of planning for the future beyond her fighting career.

Acknowledging the finite nature of a professional fighting career, Ribas has taken proactive steps to prepare for her post-athletic endeavours. With a keen eye toward her long-term aspirations, she embarked on a journey to pursue a degree in physical education. Today, she proudly shared the culmination of her efforts, expressing gratitude to her family and reflecting on her academic journey.

In her Instagram post, Ribas expressed her joy and gratitude, stating, "At last, a physical educator! Thank you, God, for being with me all these years. Thanks to my beautiful family... Yesterday, I graduated!" Despite her academic achievement, Ribas remains open to further education, contemplating future studies in administration, marketing, or a return to complete her studies in nutrition.

Ribas' dedication to her education alongside her thriving career in MMA exemplifies her commitment to personal and professional growth. She also received praise from her fans for her achievement.


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