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UFC champion Alexa Pereira reveals how he approaches women

LockerRoom Team
22 March 2024

Alex Pereira, the current UFC Light Heavyweight champion and former UFC Middleweight champion, recently shared a humorous anecdote about his approach to interacting with women, shedding light on his playful demeanor outside of the octagon.

In a candid moment, Pereira described a light-hearted exchange he has with women, showcasing his charming and humorous side. He remarked, "I pull up on them and be like 'Damn your face reminds me of my first girlfriend.' Then she'll be like, 'Damn you're comparing me?' Then I say, 'Well I never dated before.'"

The UFC champion's comments, made in jest, offer a glimpse into his playful personality and provide a moment of levity amidst the intensity of professional fighting.

While some may have interpreted Pereira's remarks as controversial, it's evident that his intention was to entertain rather than offend. The fighter's playful banter highlights his ability to connect with others through humor and light-heartedness.

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Social media users have responded positively to Pereira's remarks, with many appreciating the fighter's comedic approach to social interactions. Fans have praised Pereira for his charisma and ability to bring humor to unexpected situations.


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