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WATCH: Ailin Perez shocks everyone at UFC Vegas 77 with wild celebration

LockerRoom Team
16 July 2023

The atmosphere at UFC Vegas 77 took an unexpected turn when Ailin Perez's victorious performance was followed by an unconventional celebration that caught everyone off-guard.

After thoroughly dominating Ashlee Evans-Smith and securing an impressive 30-25, 30-25, 30-26 blowout victory, Perez surprised onlookers by shaking her hips and twerking, adding an exclamation mark to her outstanding display in the octagon.

Former champion and UFC commentator Daniel Cormier found himself momentarily at a loss as Perez's impromptu celebration interrupted his scheduled interview.

Even Fabiano Buskei, tasked with translating Perez's post-win speech, appeared slightly flustered by the unique turn of events. The electrifying conclusion of the UFC Vegas 77 opener proved to be more entertaining than the one-sided bout itself, as Perez's dominant wrestling skills left Evans-Smith searching for answers throughout the fight.

For Perez, this win marked her first triumph inside the octagon, following a submission loss to Stephanie Egger in her debut.

On the other hand, Evans-Smith's defeat likely signaled a significant setback in her UFC career, possibly even marking its conclusion. With her first fight in three years and a disappointing 1-5 record in her past six bouts, including three consecutive losses, Evans-Smith faces an uncertain future in the promotion.

Perez's surprising victory celebration added an unexpected element of excitement to an already thrilling night at UFC Vegas 77. As the MMA world eagerly awaits the next chapter of Perez's career, fans and critics alike will remember this post-win moment as a memorable and lively highlight in the world of mixed martial arts.


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