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Indian grapplers secure 7 medals at ADCC Singapore Open 2022

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon11 December 2022

Indian grapplers secured a total of seven medals at the ADCC Singapore Open 2022 which happened in Singapore yesterday. The medals were secured by Jitendra Khare, Aditya Sanil, Susovan Ghosh and Rahul Raju.

ONE Championship star and Indian MMA fighter Rahul Raju secured a silver medal in the Men’s +18 Years Old (-87.9 KG) Category. Rahul, who represented Juggernaut Fight Club in Singapore, clinched a Gold Medal as well in the Open Weight Absolute category.

Team Relentless secured six medals at the event with Jitendra Khare and Susovan Ghosh securing two medals each. Jitendra Khare won gold in the Men’s Masters (+99 KG) Category and Silver in the Absolute Men Open Weight Category.

Susovan Ghosh, meanwhile, won gold in the Absolute Masters Open Weight category and a silver in the Men’s Masters -65.9 KG category.

Aditya Sanil secured a gold medal in the Men’s +18 Years Old (-98.9 KG) and narrowly missed out on a medal in the Absolute category.

You can see the results of Indian grapplers below.

Men’s +18 Years Old (Professional)/ -87.9 KG

  • Silver: Rahul Raju (Juggernaut Fight Club)

Men’s +18 Years Old (Professional)/ -98.9 KG

  • Gold: Aditya Sanil (Team Relentless)

Men’s Masters/-65.9 KG

  • Silver: Susovan Ghosh (Team Relentless)

Men’s Masters/ +99 KG

  • Gold: Jitendra Khare (Team Relentless)

Absolute Professional (Open Weight)

  • Gold: Rahul Raju (Juggernaut Fight Club)

Absolute Masters (Open Weight)

  • Gold: Susovan Ghosh (Team Relentless)
  • Silver: Jitendra Khare (Team Relentless)

What are your thoughts on the performance of the Indian grapplers below?


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