Yuva Khel Summit 3.0: Here are the complete results from the MMA Championship

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19 February 2020

Yuva Khel Summit 3.0 hosted a full-fledged MMA event this past weekend at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai. The event, which was supported by ONE Punch Mixed Martial Arts and Federation of Mixed Martial Arts (India) saw fighters from all over the nation compete.

More than 25 fights were on offer across the two days in which the event was held and the event had the presence of MLA Aditya Thackeray as well.

The showdown between Akash and Amish on the first day was chosen as the fight of the tournament. Both the fighters went the distance and it was Amish that got the win by a thin split decision after two judges scored for him while one judge scored in favour of Akash.

Elsewhere, Mohd. Zubair landed the fasted knockout in the event when he stopped Manish Sode within 10 seconds of the first round. Pooja Parlesha of Indian Combat Sports Academy secured a similar win in the women’s division when she stopped her opponent Madiha inside 10 seconds.

Anjan Raman made a return to MMA scene with an impressive first-round win while the likes of Dhiraj, Shubha, Marzuk, Pawan, Pranay, Sohil, Aditya, and Sikandar were also on the winning bracket on the first day. Prashant Patel, Naveen, Sai, Wakeel and Nikhil also picked up first-round wins in their respective fights for Indian Combat Sports Academy (ICSA) making it a good outing for the team. You can see the stoppage win of Sai by clicking here

Monkey Mayhem Fight Club is another team that impressed as five fighters from the team secured wins. Nithesh Kumar, Pavan, Dhiraj, Abdul Sharhan and Anwitha were the fighters that took home the victories.  

Muay-Thai standout Ashish Sethi of Total Combat Fitness made his MMA debut in style at the event and secured a first-round stoppage win. Total Combat Fitness also had a strong show having won six fights. You can see the full fight video of the same below.

Tanish Gupta of Ultimate Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts continued his good run in the domestic scene and secured a first-round submission win while his teammate Karthikeya Dubey also secured a similar first-round win after taking up his fight on short notice. You can see the full fight of Tanish by clicking here. You can see the fight of Karthikeya by clicking here

The complete results from the event below courtesy of the organising team.

  • Shubha Paoya def. Mohammed Ahmed via TKO
  • Dhiraj def. Zuber Bashir via First Round TKO
  • Marzuk Naik def. Aditya via First Round TKO
  • Pavan def. Nizam via unanimous decision
  • Pranay Shirkia def. Sahil Manzoor via DQ
  • Anjan Raman def. Sayad via First Round Submission
  • Sohil Hasan def. Mahesh Yadav via First Round Submission
  • Amish def. Akash Talange via Split Decision
  • Aditya Shetty def. Arslan Rashid via Referee Stoppage
  • Sikandar Kori def. Suhil Hasan via Second Round Verbal Tap
  • Ashish Sethi def. Munajir Hussain via First Round TKO
  • Mohd. Zubair def. Manish Sode via First Round TKO
  • Siddhesh def. Yahya Bouraoui via First Round TKO
  • Wakeel def. Sayed Ibrahim via First Round Submission
  • Sai Varun def. Yash Desai via Second Round Submission
  • Nitesh Kumar def. Saud Al Khulaqi via First Round Submission
  • Waqar Khan def. Mohammed Amair via Second Round Submission
  • Nikhil def. Ravi via First round Submission
  • Sai def. Shaik Jibran via First Round Submission
  • Mohammed Afsar def. Habib via First Round Submission
  • Pooja def. Madiha via First Round KO
  • Tanish Gupta def. Asim Dayani via First Round Submission
  • Vikas def. Anthony Gomes via Second Round Submission
  • Prashant Patel def. Harsh Gajre via First Round Submission
  • Naveen def. Kyle McGregor via First Round Submission
  • Abdul Sharhan def. Sandeep Kiran via First Round TKO
  • Karthikeya Dubey def. Idris via First Round Submission

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