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Yaroslav Amosov recounts heart breaking memories of Russia invasion on Ukraine

LockerRoom Team
23 June 2022

Bellator Champion Yaroslav Amosov is no stranger to the MMA world. The Ukrainian has been a force to reckon with in the promotion and he had recently made headlines for defending his country against the Russian invasion.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Amosov recalled the horrors of the invasion which has shaken the entire world.

“I’ve seen the dead lay on the ground for two, three weeks. I have seen them cover the ground. No one could give them a burial. You hear that the Russians have planned all this strategic bombing. It is a lie. They bomb whatever they can. Daycares, hospitals, schools. It does not matter to them. Russian soldiers are torturing and killing innocent people,” he said.

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He further went on to add that he had to see some horrific images and also explained his decision to take up arms to defend his country.

“I watched a little boy, not even two years old, hold his dead father. He was too young to know how to react. I can still see that boy. He was frozen. He could not even cry. Until this, I had never touched a weapon before. There were other ways to deal with problems than with weapons, so I never touched them. But I wanted to protect my home, so you do what you have to do,” he added.

Despite the crisis, Amosov remains hopeful and wants to see his people smile again.

“I want it to go back to the way it was. I want to see people smile. I want young men back home to care about sports. Not war. The well-being of the country and the people, that’s what is important to me,” he added.

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Amosov is currently 26-0 in his professional MMA career and last fought back in June 2021 against Douglas Lima.


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