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Ahir Boxer: Vaibhav Singh Yadav opens up about his boxing career so far

LockerRoom Team
15 January 2021

History was made at the Bone Fight Club in Thailand on 30 June 2019 when Indian Boxer Vaibhav Singh Yadav captured the WBC Asian Council Silver Welterweight Title and the Asian Boxing Federation Welterweight Title. The journey towards that moment, however, was not filled with sunshine and rainbows for Vaibhav.

How his Boxing Journey Started

Vaibhav was an energetic boy during his school days. His parents needed to redirect all his energy and naughtiness and his father, being a former boxer, had the perfect solution: boxing.

This was the start. Within no time, Boxing became part of Vaibhav’s life and the dreams of an Olympic gold sprouted in his mind. He leaped into the amateur circuit where he picked up medals at the school level and state level but one after another, obstacles started piling up in front of him. The biggest one perhaps came when he went for the trials of the Indian team after securing gold at the State level. Vaibhav was however able to turn the tables and saw the positive side of things.

“When I was in amateur, I faced a lot of sports politics and cheating, unfair decisions. It didn’t go well when I gave trials for the Indian team. But then again politics sucks, but I took it in a very positive way and started my journey as a professional boxer. Right now, I’m a professional boxer I turned into professional boxing because of amateur issues only,” he recalls.

The Run in Professional Boxing

The professional boxing debut of Vaibhav came back in 2018 and he was able to secure a majority decision at the event. Five fights later, he got a shot at the vacant WBC Asian Council Silver Welterweight title and the Asian Boxing Federation Welterweight Title.

He was pitted up against Phongsathon Sompol at the Bone Fight Club in Thailand and although his opponent had an experience of 17 fights and 11 wins under his belt, Vaibhav secured a knockout victory to fly the Indian flag high.

“After winning two titles, the experience was amazing. I can’t express it with words but it was a great fight, tough opponent and I knocked him in the third round. I was fully prepared for the fight and had trained thrice a day for that fight. A lot of Indian people came to see my fight; they supported me a lot which gave me motivation. I always carry my country flag on my shoulder which gives me more strength,” he said.

Vaibhav secured two more wins after his double-title win and now has a professional record of 8-1 to his name. He has his eyes on being a World champion soon.

“I’m 8-1 now and my future plan is to be a world champion and win the world title. So for that, I’m training. My hustle is on. I believe in myself and I’ll definitely win and make this happen,” he says.

Amidst the lack of proper sponsors and facilities, Vaibhav has found a good amount of success in professional boxing. But the Olympic dream that he once had, still lives inside him.

“Of course, I want to play Olympics but I don’t think the Indian federation will ever allow me. And I’m happy with professional boxing because my dream is different, my aim is different. Now, this is my life,” he says.

The Ahir Team

While he has his own journey to look forward to, he also has his team coming up behind him.

“Basically I’m from the Yadav community they known as AHIR in ancient time which means fearless. So this is the connection; it means fearless boxer. The Ahir Team is my own team it’s the same as I told you before it means a fearless team. I’ve my own boxers in different weight categories, my coach, and very good people around me who always support me in this journey,” he added.

Someone who believes in discipline and loyalty, when asked about his message for the upcoming boxers, he urged everyone to have a positive outlook on everything that life throws at you.

“My message is to be loyal to your aim. Be disciplined and focused on your training. Life has up downs but never stop believing and working. Never give up and give your best,” he concluded.

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