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UFC Vegas 4: Post Fight Bonuses and Complete Fighter Quotes

LockerRoom Team
28 June 2020

UFC Vegas 4 is in the books and the event saw Dustin Poirier getting a huge win over Dan Hooker in the main event while Mike Perry got the better of Mickey Gall in the co-main event.

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Below are the event bonuses and post-fight quotes from the fighters:

UFC Vegas 4 Fight of the Night:

  • Dustin Poirier vs. Dan Hooker

UFC Vegas 4 Performances of the Night:

  • Kay Hansen
  • Julian Erosa

Post-Fight Quotes from UFC Vegas 4:

Dustin Poirier:

It was a tough one, man. Dan came to fight. He’s a tough guy. He’s on the rise and really thought he was going to get passed me. He talked a lot of trash, like he was going to move forward and fight the champ—but I’m the champ. This is what I love to do. I put all the work in. I trust in my team, skill and work ethic. I came here, pulled another one out and had a few more rounds in me.

The only time I was hurt in the fight was when Dan got me against the fence and slid a knee in there. Even when I was standing with good posture, he lifts them up higher than my head. It was impressive how high and quick he got his hips up without telegraphing. He hit me square with a knee and I flashed out for a second. When I came to, he was throwing hooks at me. I saw the ref and didn’t know how much time was left. We regrouped and came back stronger. That’s fighting. A fight isn’t a fight until there’s something to overcome. We fought tonight.

I could have been a little bit sharper. I didn’t move out of the way of a few shots. It’s not that I disrespected Dan’s power, but I stayed in the pocket too long. I should have been sharper. At the end, I started getting in my range and countering off his lazy shots. I landed some good ones and made his head snap back. I was stealing the rounds with shots like that, but I can do better.

Maybe I’ll fight at the end of the year. Maybe I’ll fight next year. I just want to go home to my daughter. I’m a winner and it was a long time off. It was the longest break in my career. I had to take nine months off and sit on the sidelines. I had to overcome some stuff. Now that I’m a victor again, I want to get back to the drawing board. I want to keep getting better. I want to stay in love with this sport. I don’t want to push myself so much to where I hate this. I’ve been doing this a long time and pushing myself to the limits every day. So I just want to do it right.

Mike Perry:

A few months ago, when we started dating, I knew I was going to get ready for a fight. I knew I wanted to do it by myself. A few years ago, I told her I wanted to give her this experience and bring her into the corner when we first met. Life went other ways, but I saw it in my head. I made it come to fruition and here we are as winners.

It’s all up to me when we get in there. I put the camp together. It was necessary. I did what I needed to do to get the win. Mickey trained with a team that put together a game plan to get the win. They had some technical terms, but I picked them up in the fight.

I’m going to go find a training camp and some teammates. I’m looking to move to south Florida. I’m looking for a friendship-based relationship, rather than someone just telling me what they think I need to do to win. I got to make some moves.

Maurice Greene:

It’s critical you win all your fights. My job was on the line tonight. I want to move my family. I needed to win to move my family. I spent a few weeks at Jackson-Winkeljohn to get it done. I know I can get it done under pressure.

It just feels good to be back in the win column. You guys don’t even know. It feels good to get a submission. Everybody just thinks I’m striker, but I work a lot on my Jiu-Jitsu. I’m not threatened by anyone on the ground.

I want to move my family from Minnesota to Albuquerque and make a run to this championship. It’s going to take some time. I know I’ve got to do a little work to do, but I’m in the right place to do it.

Brendan Allen:

It wasn’t my best performance, but he was tough. I’ll be back better.

I felt like I had it, but you never know with the judges.

I want Ian Heinisch, for sure. He can’t run from me forever. It was not my best performance. All I can do is get better. (Kyle Daukaus) is a tough kid.

Takashi Sato:

I was confident that I do have knockout power. I was able to show that and prove that in the Octagon tonight. But I always have so many things that I have to work on in my game and I was able to show what I worked on in my fight camp. I hope everyone can value me as someone who can knockout fighters.

Julian Erosa:

This means everything to me. It was my shot to get back to where I wanted to be. Fighting regionally is not a career, it’s a hobby. This is where it’s a career. So it means everything to me. I moved here to Vegas three years ago and thought it was working out, but I kept getting cut from the UFC. I finally got the win tonight, so hopefully this is the beginning of a good journey here.

I felt he was really starting to fade. One thing I really work on is my conditioning. I ride my bike to practice and was getting ready for a fight I didn’t even have scheduled over the last six weeks. Stepping in on short notice, I was in just as good of shape as if I had a fight camp. I felt the momentum was shifting, but he dropped me and then I turned the tables. I had to do something big. In my head I told myself I had to put him on the ground and at least put an exclamation point on the round. I was able to get the finish.

Khama Worthy:

I wanted to come out there and not just get another fast win. I wanted a hard fight. I wanted it to be even, or even be down two rounds, and then pull it off to show I’m official. It took me a minute to get here, but I'm a threat to any 155er in this weight class. I can go out there and handle anyone. I don’t have to punch you in the face. I can choke you out, as well.

He had my back, but never got anything solid. I figured he was just trying to contain me, like most people. I fought out of Pennsylvania and Ohio, where there’s some of the top wrestlers in the world and I’m a striker. So my entire career has been people trying to contain me—trying to keep me in one place and not let me hit them. I’ve built up a style for that.

Kay Hansen:

I was the youngest woman to fight in Invicta, as well. So now that I’m here, it’s the same label that has stuck to me. I’m used to people saying she’s too young, or she doesn’t have enough experience. I’m also used to people saying she’s a great prospect. I’m just going to focus on me, listen to my team and try to get better. I have a lot of heart and determination. I'm excited to tap into the best fighter I can be.

I was trying to do my best to not get overwhelmed. It was an amazing experience and I’m proud to be a part of the UFC.

Tanner Boser:

I actually felt great. I did a lot of strength and conditioning. I had to make compromises in my training camp, but I felt genuinely good coming into this. I’m glad it paid off.

I’m not one of the big power punching heavyweights. I’m fast and precise. The game plan worked. The leg kicks made him want to charge in and I made him pay for it.

I didn’t think it was going to be a brawl. I thought it was going to be a technical, but arduous night. I thought I’d win by decision because Philipe is a hard guy to put away. I thought we would put together a very technical striking battle.

Youssef Zalal:

It’s a blessing to be 23 years old and 2-0 in the UFC. My coaches said, ‘Enjoy the experience and let everything just come to you.’ I’m not rushing anything. I’m just taking it fight-by-fight.

I’m young and just trying to learn. You’re not going to get any easy fights. That’s just how this career goes. There are no easy fights. You got to be ready and willing to accept challenges and that's what I'm looking forward to.


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