UFC: The Most Asked Questions on the Internet and their answers

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13 May 2020

UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been around the block for a long time now. The popularity of the promotion and the sport of MMA is on the rise as well. In fact, Mixed Martial Arts is considered to be the fastest-growing sport in the world by many.

Despite the popularity of the sport and its promotion, the internet is flooded with a lot of queries about UFC and MMA. We will be trying to answer some of the most asked questions about UFC in this article. Below are the questions and answers.

Are UFC Fights Scripted? Are UFC fights fixed?

Before we go into the answer to this question, it is important to understand the difference between MMA and UFC. MMA is a sport. UFC is a company that organizes MMA fights. There are many other companies like UFC that organize MMA fights. Some of these companies are Bellator MMA, BRAVE Combat Federation, ONE Championship, Matrix Fight Night, and KSW among others.

Now, coming back to the question: Are UFC fights scripted? The answer is no. The fights organized in the UFC are sanctioned by athletic commissions and is a real competition between two athletes just like the case with Boxing.

It should also be understood that the question of whether UFC is scripted or not comes from the similarities that UFC holds with WWE. Although the promotional and business model of the UFC had influence from the WWE during its early days, WWE is performance arts while UFC is made up of MMA which is an actual sport.

The fights that we see in WWE are scripted but the ones that we see in UFC are not. The answer is as simple as that.

Are UFC fighters on steroids? Do UFC fighters take steroids?

UFC has a comprehensive and transparent drug testing program in place at the moment. The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is recognized by UFC as the official, independent anti-doping agency for the promotion.

USADA is responsible for testing the UFC athletes randomly and during pre-fight and post-fight periods. The number of times that USADA tests a fighter and the results of the tests are all transparent.

Any fighter who tests positive for a banned substance will be suspended from fighting for a specific period of time and multiple suspensions can lead to major bans as well.

In other words, the UFC fighters are not on steroids and if any UFC fighter tests positive for any steroid, he or she will be suspended from competition.

Which UFC fighter has the most wins? Or Most Wins in the UFC

As of writing this article on July, 2022, the UFC fighter with the most number of wins is Jim Miller. Jim Miller has been a mainstay in UFC for a long time now and as of writing, has 24 wins to his name in the promotion. 

Which UFC fighter has the most fights?

As of writing this article in July 2022, the UFC fighter with the most number of fights is Jim Miller. Miller has fought a whopping 40 times in the UFC. 

Which UFC fighter are you? Or What UFC Fighter Am I?

There are a lot of personality quizzes out there that can give the answer to this question. You can check out our own version here: Which UFC fighter are you? Take the Quiz and Find out

Why UFC is not banned?

All the UFC events are sanctioned by Athletic commissions and the promotion takes all the safety and medical measures required to keep the fighters safe. There are pre-fight and post-fight medical check-ups done for fighters and there are also doctors on the cage side to handle any risky situation during the fight.

While questions can be raised about the safety precautions taken up by smaller MMA promotions, it should be noted that UFC puts a lot of effort into making sure that the fighters are safe when they fight.

Considering all these facts, there is no reason for the UFC to be banned.

At the same time, it should be highlighted that MMA is banned in certain countries for being too dangerous. It was also banned in certain states in the United States for the same reason. But the situation is changing fast and MMA is moving towards the possibility of being recognized as an Olympic sport which is something worth looking forward to.

Why UFC is so popular?

The popularity of the UFC has been on the rise for quite some time. UFC President Dana White once gave a great quote which serves as the answer to this question.

“Take four corners…anywhere in the world. On one corner, they’re playing soccer. On another corner, they’re playing basketball. Third corner, they’re playing street hockey, on the fourth corner, a fight breaks out. Where does the crowd go? They go to watch the fight,”

The popularity of UFC is largely based on this particular human psychology. On top of that, there is a lot of effort that the company puts in to promote the sport, fights and fighters.

Additionally, fighting is something that can transcend factors like race, sex, language among other things. It is a universal concept and with the right marketing and model, the popularity can skyrocket which is exactly what UFC is doing at the moment.

Why UFC fighters have ugly ears? Or Why UFC Fighters have weird ears?

The condition is technically called Perichondrial hematoma or commonly known as Cauliflower ears. It is commonly seen in wrestlers and grapplers and occurs when the outer portion of the ear develops a blood clot or other collection of fluids. This results in the outer ear being permanently swollen or deformed.

This occurs in wrestlers and grapplers because their ear undergoes a lot of punishment during their training. Their ears are often in contact with a lot of body parts of their sparring partner or opponent. This results in the hardening or collection of blood clots or fluids that we mentioned earlier about and in turn, results in the deformed ear.

Why UFC is better than WWE?

Comparing UFC to WWE is like comparing apples with oranges. UFC and WWE are completely different. While UFC hosts competitive fights, WWE has scripted fights and is a form of performance arts. In other words, UFC hosts actual competitive sports while WWE is scripted performance.

So as mentioned earlier, comparing UFC and WWE is not ideal as it belongs to two different categories. Instead, UFC can be compared with the likes of Bellator MMA, ONE Championships, and BRAVE Combat Federation among others while WWE can be compared with AEW, Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling among others.

How UFC Fighters make money?

How UFC fighter makes money is entirely up to him or her. They are individuals that can pursue any business opportunity just like most of us. However, if some broad classification is required, the following answer will be helpful.

The streams of income of UFC fighters can be many but the major ones are: The money they get from UFC and the money they get from sponsorships.

The money that UFC fighters get from the UFC is dependent on the number of fights they have. In other words, when a fighter fights in UFC, he or she gets paid a fight purse.

This fight purse is fixed at the time of signing the contract. Outside this fight purse, the fighter can also get performance or sponsor (Reebok at the moment) bonuses when he or she fights.

When a UFC fighter gets paid to endorse a brand or a product, this falls under the sponsorship money. In the current system, UFC fighters are not allowed to display their endorsement logos at any UFC event but they can promote any brand or product through their personal social media channels and earn money.

Apart from these two, a lot of UFC fighters earn money by opening their own Mixed Martial Arts Gyms or through coaching. In other words, the UFC fighters can have many streams of income just like people with multiple businesses.

How UFC makes money?

UFC, just like any other sports promotion out there has multiple streams of income. The pay-per-view buys and ticket sales from events are just two among them. Brand Partnerships, Advertising partnerships, and Broadcast partnerships also bring in huge amount of money for the UFC.

UFC’s Streaming service UFC Fight Pass is another revenue gainer for the company while Merchandise sales are also up there. These are just some of the streams from a long list that exists.

What UFC stands for?

UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. It is a Mixed Martial Arts promotion based in the United States and was founded back in 1993. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, UFC has held more than 500 events so far all around the globe.

When UFC started?

UFC was founded back in 1993 and the first event of UFC was held at the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado. Back then, UFC wanted to identify the most effective martial art and pitted fighters from different disciplines against each other in no-holds-barred fights.

The events then evolved over the years. UFC and the sport of MMA saw the addition of many new rules which made it safer for the fighters and also to regulate. A long list of illegal moves and fouls were added and rather than having single-night tournaments where one fighter will have to fight many times, UFC moved to a model where one fighter will only have to fight once at an event.

Where UFC Bouts are held? Where UFC bouts take place?

The UFC fights take place in an eight-sided cage called the Octagon. The Octagon was initially trademarked by Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG) which restricted other Mixed Martial Arts promotions from using the name or a similar cage for the events.

However, in 2001, permissions were given for other promotions to use similar cages in an attempt to let MMA grow.

The standard octagon could have a diameter of around 30 ft. and a 6ft. high fence. UFC is also known to use smaller cages of 25 ft. diameter for certain smaller events.

Can UFC fighters have AIDS?

It is interesting how this is one of the most asked questions on the internet regarding UFC. And the answer to this is: Yes, UFC fighters can have AIDS just like any other human being out there.

It’s not like UFC fighters have a special immune system that protects them from AIDS. They are humans after all and are susceptible to almost any disease out there.

Can UFC Fighters have long hair?

Yes, UFC Fighters can have long hair as it is a personal choice. It should be also noted that hair-pulling is a foul in the UFC and fighters are not supposed to apply any foreign objects in their hair.

Most fighters with long hair usually braid them before fighting so that it does not cause them any issues amidst the fight. There are also fighters who prefer to have their long hair free during fights. As mentioned earlier, this is a personal preference and there is no rule that suggests whether or not a fighter should have long hair.

What UFC Fight is this Weekend? What UFC Fight is today? What UFC is next? Which UFC is next? Which UFC fight is tonight? 

The answer to this question can be different based on the date in which the search is made. The best idea would be to visit the official website of UFC where there will be a calendar of upcoming and previous events. The site also shows stats and facts about the fighters which give an entirely new dimension to the whole experience of waiting for a fight.

We will now be moving forward to answer some of the most searched questions about UFC and India

UFC Indian Fighter? UFC Indian Player? UFC Indian Fighter Name? UFC Indian Wrestler? India in UFC

The first-ever Indian-born fighter to fight in the UFC is Bharat Kandare. Bharat, who is a former Super Fight League Champion, made his UFC debut back on November 24, 2017, at UFC Shanghai when he fought Song Yadong of China.

Unfortunately for Bharat, he suffered a first-round defeat against Song.  Prior to Bharat, Arjan Singh Bhullar had become the first Indian-origin fighter to compete in the UFC. It should, however, be noted that Arjan is a Canadian citizen and had represented Canada at the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. Arjan made his UFC debut back on September 9, 2017, and secured a win against Luis Henrique.

Indian UFC fighter? Indian UFC Player? Indian UFC Fight? Indian UFC Fighter Female? Indian UFC Fighter List? Indian UFC Champion?

As mentioned earlier, Bharat Kandare is the only Indian-born fighter to compete at the UFC as of writing this article on May 13, 2020. Arjan Singh Bhullar is an Indian-origin fighter that has competed in the promotion as well.

No female fighters from India have so far competed in the UFC and no fighters from India have so far won a UFC Championship.

Indian UFC Fighter Salary?

Bharat Kandare, who is the only Indian-born fighter to compete in the UFC had a fight purse of $12,500 (which is around Rs. 9, 42,268.75 as per the current Dollar rates) for his debut against Song Yadong at UFC Shanghai. In this $10,000 was his fight purse while $2,500 was the Reebok Sponsorship amount.

UFC India telecast? UFC India Channel 2020? UFC India Broadcast? UFC India Stream? UFC India Which channel? UFC in India TV? UFC in India? UFC in India channel? UFC in India Stream?

The UFC events are broadcasted by Sony Sports Pictures Network in India. The events are broadcasted across the multiple channels that SPSN has like SONY TEN 2, SONY TEN 3, SONY SIX among others. The Events are also streamed on SONY LIV.

SPSN has recently started to telecast UFC events with Hindi commentary as well and has their own show called ‘The Ultimate Guide to UFC’ which gives pre-fight and post-fight analysis.

UFC India vs. Pakistan

UFC is yet to host any India vs. Pakistan fights as of this writing. However, certain other MMA promotions have held similar fights with the latest showdown happening between India’s Rahul K Raju and Pakistan’s Furqan Cheema in ONE Championship. Rahul Raju won the fight as well. Super Fight League and BRAVE Combat Federation have also held India vs. Pakistan fights in the past.

UFC event in India

UFC has not organized a fight night in India as of now. But on various occasions, UFC has admitted their interest in conducting events in the nation.

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