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UFC 257 Full Post-Fight Quotes: Poirier details his win over McGregor

LockerRoom Team
24 January 2021

The first UFC pay-per-view of 2021 is in the books and saw Dustin Poirier getting a second-round stoppage against Conor McGregor in the main event. Dustin, who had suffered a defeat against McGregor nearly seven years back, levelled the scores with the win and has setup a potential trilogy bout with the Irishman.

In the co-main event, meanwhile, Michael Chandler made a triumphant promotional debut in the UFC as he stopped Dan Hooker in the first-round itself. Below are the post-fight quotes from the event.

Dustin Poirier:

“He knew what it was, I knew what it was, we both knew coming in that we would try to hurt each other. I think we are both experienced and mature enough to have fun and be friendly outside and you-know-what when the cage closes.

When I shot the takedown and tripped him up, I was just kind of in awe of how easily he went down – maybe the timing, maybe it was just a good shot – but, besides that, he hit me with a good left hand, his left hand is so fast and powerful. He flashed me a couple of times with that left hand in this fight, but I felt like I started getting his timing. I was pulling back and throwing hooks, pulling back and hitting him with jabs. He started really admiring some of his work and I felt like every round I was going to pull away. It was going to be a bigger gap every round.

It wasn’t even about him or the UFC. It was about me providing for my family, putting us in the best position possible, that’s what this is about. It’s about prosperity,”

Michael Chandler:

“It was great. I spent 12 years outside of this company thinking about this possibility, thinking about these match-ups, thinking about fighting the best guys in the world. Now I’m here. I’m going to be ranked inside the top 5 now that might knock Conor out of No. 4, maybe put me on No. 3 or 4... I have no idea where the rankings are going to go, doesn’t really matter. Anybody can get a title shot as long as they are in the top 5, top 10 actually, so... Just feeling great. Pure elation, tons of hard work ever since I was 14 years old, wrestling in Missouri all the way to becoming All-american, fighting outside the UFC and now winning my first fight in the UFC, getting a spectacular knockout... Just trying to be remarkable.”

Joanne Calderwood:

“It feels so good. I just was in the moment. Everything that we’ve done for the past ten weeks, it just came out during the fight. I saw everything coming and I was just in the moment. It felt really good.

I just saw I started I had the 8th most kicks. I don’t know if I’ve done it there, but I’m always looking to throw everything and I said that before the fight, I just wanted to throw everything at her, so I just went there and... I do make it harder on myself, because I went there and just threw everything. I mean, I could have probably taken her down or submitted her, but I was just so in the moment. Whatever she gave me, I kind of reacted. The main thing for us was to get the win,”

Makhmud Muradov:

“I feel glad. I’m not that satisfied because I had trouble breathing, probably, I don’t know, a problem with acclimatization, with different climate, but that’s why I’m not so happy.

I felt that I hurt him in the second round with the right cross. Also in the third round, I started working the body, before I was working the calf kicks, so everything set up the finish for me.

Just keep getting the wins and whoever they give me next, I’m going to beat him too. All my fights in UFC were on short notice: first fight was in ten days, second and third, twenty five days only.

I’m not the type to call someone out. Right now I’m going to enjoy the time with my family, with my daughter, probably go back to my country, Uzbekistan, and I want to work on some projects, I want to build a gym for some kids, so maybe March or April I’ll be ready to come back.”

Marina Rodriguez:

“I saw that I was finishing the fight, she wasn’t moving and the ref came in with his arms open then I moved away, I didn’t need to hit her anymore, but when I looked around, there were different screams in the crowd, nobody was coming in so I had to go back in there and finish her again.

I knew I needed to hit her more in the second round and when I landed some punches, I saw that she was shook and that she really felt it, so I knew that’s what I needed to do to get the finish. My name was barely mentioned before this fight, but granted, she faced a lot of great competition, she is very popular, but I knew that I would go in there and make my name known.”

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