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Former BOOM Chief and SOW Consultant Ratul Mukherjee weighs in on UFC 249

LockerRoom Team
12 April 2020

UFC 249 is a topic that has caused a lot of debates. While a good portion of the MMA community supported the event going ahead during the Coronavirus Pandemic, another portion of the community pointed it out as a bad move due.

The latest name to come out with an opinion is Former BOOM MMA chief and Soul of Warriors Consultant Ratul Mukherjee. Earlier, major governing bodies in India had noted their take on the issue where they expressed the suggestion that UFC should not go ahead with the event which was eventually cancelled.

Ratul, however, holds a different take on things. Responding to the statements mentioned earlier, he noted that UFC would have had proper measures in place if they were to go forward with the event.

“My question is do you think is Dana white a d**k. Don't you think he will take extreme measure regarding UFC 249 .I haven't seen any of the UFC fighters stating going against decision of UFC to put this show on . Have read till now any of the signed UFC athletes are suffering from this viral disease? I just want to say whatever these so called indian sanctioning body is saying about UFC 249 is a wrong decision,” he noted.

He also went on to add that he does not personally want UFC 249 to happen

“I personally don't want UFC 249 to happen during this pandemic but those associations are who just spoke out against UFC 249 will surely went out of their line. A Company which worth 10 billion USD don't know how to take precaution during this pandemic. This statement will definitely affect the Indian athletes some way or other. I haven't seen any major media outlets specialising in MMA sports spoke against UFC 249. Main reason of scrapping of UFC 249 was because ESPN was concern about PPV sell during this lockdown or else ESPN scrapping the events?” he added.

He concluded by saying that the statements should have been more reasonable.

“My statement doesn't mean that I want UFC 249 happen during this pandemic. But what I really mean is those statements delivered by the associations because I'm sure if in future UFC happens in India every sanctioning body will knock them up so that they can be the part of it. It would have been great of those statements were more reasonable with the words. Statements might be perfect but choice of words was wrong,” he concluded.

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