UFC 244: Jorge Masvidal reveals why he is so excited to fight Nate Diaz

Jorge Masvidal will be looking to extend his winning run when he fights Nate Diaz for the BMF title at UFC 244 this weekend. The hype around the fight is at an all-time high with some major celebrities expected to appear at the event.

Despite the crowded affair, the spotlight will indeed be on Masvidal and Diaz. Unlike the recent UFC rivalries, the Masvidal-Diaz one has been filled with respect since the start and both fighters have their own reasons for this.

In the UFC 244 Media Call, Masvidal detailed why he respects Nate so much and noted his excitement of fighting the younger Diaz brother.

“Like I've said, just like him stepping in short notice against Conor when Conor was like undefeated, and it takes a lot, just the short notice part. That's like oh, man, I’ve got to take this fight short notice, damn. And then they say this guy is the biggest beast and this guy wasn’t fazed at all from what I heard. He was like in Mexico partying and stuff, and then took the fight like in 10 days’ notice, two weeks’ notice. I don’t remember the exact numbers on that. It could be way off, but I know it was short notice as hell. So that to me was like hell yes, bro. This is a dude I definitely want to scrap with, just because of the mindset, you know. He’s always betting on himself and man, f***. I love that s***, you know. I love the competing against those guys. That who I'm trying to fight, is those dudes right there,” Masvidal noted.

Masvidal and Diaz will be fighting for the BMF Title at the event and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will be putting the belt on the winner. Despite the hype surrounding the belt, Masvidal noted that he has not seen the same.

“I haven't seen anything of the belt. I haven't seen nothing man, to tell you the truth, not even like a sneak peek or nothing. I mean, I've got spies everywhere, and nobody's been able to give me even like a screenshot or a quick peak of the thing. Nothing man. I have absolutely no idea what this belt could look like,” He added.

UFC 244 will be live and exclusive in India on 3rd November 2019 from 07:30 am (IST) on SONY TEN 2 & SONY TEN 2 HD