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Stamp Fairtex says that she is not scared of Ritu Phogat, details gameplan

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Calendar Icon23 November 2021

Stamp Fairtex is set to fight Indian MMA star Ritu Phogat in the final of the ONE Atomweight Grand Prix on December 3, 2021 at ONE: Winter Warriors.

The Former ONE Championship double champion, Stamp made her way into the finals of the ONE Atomweight Grand Prix with a win over Julie Mezabarba in the semi-finals and prior to this, Stamp had defeated Alyona Rassohyna in the quarter-finals as well.

Ritu, on the other hand, outclassed the experienced Meng Bo in the quarter-finals and got a win over Jenelyn Olsim in the semi-finals to book her place in the final. After her win over Olsim, Ritu expressed her thoughts on Stamp Fairtex in the post-fight interview which apparently did not sit well with Stamp.

In her recent interview with ONE Championship, Stamp has noted that she is not scared of Ritu and that she has found weaknesses in the game of the Indian Tigress.

“I’m not scared at all. Ritu is a normal human, just like me. She might think I’m scared of her. But, actually, she’s scared of me. If she wasn’t, she would not look down on me like that,” Stamp said.

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She further went on to add that she has been studying Ritu for a long time now.

“I’ve been studying Ritu quite deeply. I’ve prepared for a long time to fight with her. I think she has only one strength which is taking her opponent down and taking control of the game. That’s it. Her striking is not very good. She has a basic jab and right hand to set up her shots,” Stamp added.

Stamp also went on to break down the game plan that she has in place for the Indian.

“I think her abdomen and her chin are weak. Those are her weaknesses I think I can strike on. Ritu is very tough and durable, she got knocked down and still recovered. So it depends on the strikes. I’ll strike and not be too aggressive in case I give Ritu a chance to take me down – just to be safe. The way I will cope with [her takedown threat] is probably by applying my Muay Thai skills. Because when she approaches, it happens super fast. I’ll have to use my knees or elbows to stop her. “You might see fewer kicks, or maybe none at all. If I kick, I will have to be faster. We have to see if she will risk getting hurt when she wants to take me down. Personally, I think I would like to use my Muay Thai skills to knock her out with my knees or elbows. There’s a high chance I’ll finish her if I hurt her. In that situation, her body is not so strong for the knees,” Stamp detailed.

What do you think of the gameplan from Stamp for Ritu Phogat? Let us know in the comment section of the article.

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