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Shyamanand talks about his comeback in Matrix Fight Night, love for MMA in Bihar

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Calendar Icon21 July 2022

It was back at MFN 4 that Indian MMA fighter Shyamanand made his promotional debut at Matrix Fight Night.

He went up against Sanjeet Budhwar at the event and things did not go according to plan for the Bihari fighter. Shyam was stopped in the first round by Sanjeet via a Technical Knockout.

This forced him to go back to the drawing board. While some people might’ve pondered on the fact that they lost their promotional debut, Shyam decided to fuel his rage and staged one of the most memorable comebacks in MFN so far.

The return against Abhishek Negi at Matrix Fight Night 7

A year after his fight with Sanjeet Budhwar, Shyamanand made his return to Matrix Fight Night at MFN 7 on 10 December 2021. The event which happened at the Taj Falaknuma Palace saw Shyam being pitted up against Abhishek Negi who was hungry to make a statement of his own.

Both fighters engaged in to-and-fro trash talk leading up to the fight which further increased the stakes.

When everything was settled and the cage door was shut, Shyam and Abhishek delivered the war they promised. Shyam seemed like a completely different beast in the fight and finished Abhishek in the second round with some vicious punches.

Shyam recalls that he had put a lot of effort into preparing for that fight.  

“It felt really amazing after the performance I put in the Abhishek Negi fight. All the struggle to keep training during lockdown period and the hard work, I put leading to my fight; everything was worth. But fight with Abhishek Negi was just a stepping stone for a short-term Goal,” he said in an exclusive statement.

Unfinished business with Sanjeet Budhwar

Fuelled by his newfound momentum, Shyam made a quick return to the MFN cage at MFN 8 when he went up against Krishna Heer.

Just like the fight with Abhishek, this one also saw a string of exchanges between the fighters. While the trash talk seemed equally matched, inside the cage, it was pure dominance from Shyamanand.

“He thought he could stop my takedown but he also paid the price. Though People expected a fight more like Abhishek Negi, but I was against a southpaw that is Krishna Heer. The game plan was different and got successful in implementing it. If everyone noticed, it was a very dominant win, my opponent was just able to connect one or two clean strikes,” Shyam noted.

Right after his outing with Krishna Heer, Shyam decided to call out Sanjeet Budhwar as the two had some scores to settle. Redemption is what is in the mind of Shyam at the moment and if Sanjeet is not ready to fight, he is ready to take anyone that crosses his path.

“Once I was done with Krishna heer, I called the obvious Sanjeet Budhwar. I am still waiting for a response from him but it looks like he wants to keep quiet about everything. If that is the case then I gotta take someone else. Doubters can claim my head now, it's an open invitation. Let them come, it's gonna be war,” he notes.

Love from Bihar and India

Riding high on a two-fight winning streak, Shyamanand has his eyes set on his future goals. One thing that Shyam is thankful as he waits for his next challenge is the love that he is getting from Bihar and the entire nation.

The platform of Matrix Fight Night has allowed Shyam to connect with the fans and it is something that he keeps close to his heart.  

“People back in home are really happy and excited after my success in MFN. I am not only getting love and support from Bihar but from whole India, I am really thankful to them. Their appreciation and love mean a lot. I wish to give more and more entertaining and exciting performances to them and for MFN.  We are seeing the rise of India MMA on whole new different level,” he said.

What do you think should be next for Shyamanand in Matrix Fight Night? Let us know in the comments below.


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