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Shyamanand guarantees violence at MFN 4 when he fights Sanjeet Bhudwar

Renjith Ravindran
27 February 2020

Shyamanand is no stranger to the Matrix Fight Night cage. He has been in there with the poster of his team while his teammates Srikant Sekhar and Clinton D’Cruz were picking up dominant wins at the promotion.

However, at Matrix Fight Night 4, it will be a different story altogether. This time, the spotlight will be shining brightly on Shyam as he will be making his promotional debut at the event by fighting Sanjeet Bhudwar.

The Indian Combat Sports Academy star noted that he is indeed grateful for the opportunity to be fighting at the platform and assured that he will be destroying everything standing on his way to the top: which at the moment is Sanjeet.

Shyam: It feels really great to fight in the top MMA promotion in India. I am very thankful to MFN family for providing me the opportunity to showcase my talent. It’s an opportunity I have been waiting for long. Everyone one will see what I am capable of, I am going to rightfully claim everything: What I deserve and what I have worked for. Right now, I am just thinking to destroy everything standing on my way and the person standing on way is Sanjeet now.

Despite the laser focussed goals, Shyam has no disrespect whatsoever for his opponent Sanjeet and is instead driven by the confidence in his own skills.

Shyam: No, disrespect to Sanjeet: he is a good fighter but I don't see him matching me in any aspect of fight... I will outstrike him, outwrestle him and out grapple him. I will take the fight wherever I want and emerge victorious.

There is a plan beyond Sanjeet as well. The Indian Combat Sports Academy fighters are known for their hit-list and Shyam also has one filled some big names. But for the time being, he is focussing on Sanjeet and waiting for someone to call him out after the fight at Matrix Fight Night 4.

Shyam: There is always a hit list and it is filled with the so-called top fighters of the country. But I don't want to amateur and take a name now; I am really focusing on Sanjeet. And after this fight, I believe someone will call me out and I will see how things will go.

Along with the personal and team goals that Shyam has in place, the MFN debut of Shyam will be huge for the MMA scene in Bihar. The number of MMA fighters that have come out of Bihar is pretty low and Shyam’s rise at Matrix Fight Night could change all that. He has been getting some huge support from the people back in Bihar and he noted that he is eager to inspire.  

Shyam: Bihar has always been a place for very hardworking people. The state is known to produce the most number of IAS & IPS officers, engineers, doctors and other officials. The land is known for hardworking people.  My success in MMA & other combats sports will give inspiration to not only combat athletes but to other aspirants too who want to make future in a profession other than mainstream. I will be an example for all of them. And I am very privileged that they have been really supportive to me. The love and support are unbelievable. I am really grateful to them. I am very thankful to them and people all around INDIA who really believe in me. It’s an honour to entertain everyone.

And if Shyam guarantees one thing at Matrix Fight Night 4, it is violence.

Shyam: Ohh, people can expect a lot of violence & entertainment. If Sanjeet won't get knocked out in the first minute, it will be a hell of a fight. It will be blood everywhere, you will see rage, agony, victory at the same place. It will be a war, ain't playing games here.

Shyamanand vs. Sanjeet Bhudwar will be one of the seven fights which will happen at Matrix Fight Night 4 which is scheduled to take place in Dubai on February 28, 2020. The event will be headlined by Jason Ramesh Solomon and Pawan Maan.

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