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Russian Boxing Federation publicly backs invasion of Ukraine, pledges support to Putin

LockerRoom Team
23 March 2022

The Russian Boxing Federation has publicly backed the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. The federation made a post on Instagram last day where they formally supported the invasion of Ukraine.

“Times when united, we will be able to resist all threats and difficulties. The boxing community took part in a festive concert in honor of the eighth anniversary of the annexation of the Republic of Crimea and in support of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation! The entire boxing community of Russia expresses its full confidence and support to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin! Difficulties are temporary. And we can overcome them only together,” The post read along with some photos of the Russian crowd in stadiums.

Apart from the Boxing Federation, the bowling federation has also backed the invasion.

"We see that the special operation being carried out today on Ukrainian soil allows us to achieve our goals with minimal losses for our fraternal peoples. Given the unprecedented external pressure from the West, which for eight years condoned the flourishing of Nazism in Ukraine, today we clearly understand that the special operation was just an excuse to replicate Russophobic sentiments and escalate the situation around Russia and everything Russian,” a statement read (via Inside the games)

What do you think of the statements and the support of the federations? Let us know in the comments below.


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