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Rohit Nair talks his plans for MMA return, Combat Sports for fitness and more

LockerRoom Team
15 May 2020

It’s been a long time since Rohit Nair stepped into the cage for a fight and there is a good reason for this. The Indian MMA star has been dealing with an ACL injury which has forced him to sit out of action.

Despite this major setback, he has been making the best out of the situation by improving his skills as a fighter and a coach. He is now eager to get back into the cage and test his skills against the best fighters out there.

Rohit Nair: I have been focusing on my rehabilitation and coaching so that I come out to be a better fighter and coach, got to bring my best package this time. I’m now ready to get back in the game, there are certain renowned fighters I would like to fight against, and I know they are great; getting to fight against them would make me know where I stand.

Combat Sports and Fitness

On the flip side, during his time away from the fighting, Rohit has managed to establish himself as a coach and has some well-known clients on his resume. He balances the training of his clients and his own training every day and believes that combat sports are effective for people to be fit.

Rohit Nair: There are multiple ways to get fit. One can do Cross Fit, Zumba, Boot Camp among others. They can achieve their fitness goals through this, but I believe that the beauty of combat sports is that it’s very practical and functional in nature. Not only it improves endurance, mobility and strength it also improves the ability to respond quickly to situations, boosts confidence and it’s also a great self-defence. In my opinion, MMA is a great way to achieve complete fitness as it’s a mix of kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu and many other combat sports. Combat sports, in general, get your entire body muscle to work.

And he also has the real-life stories of his clients to back up his statement of why Combat Sports for fitness is a great idea.

Rohit Nair: My clients have seen a drastic improvement in their flexibility and endurance. I remember some of my clients who were unable to spar for even a minute can now get through an entire session with ease. Some clients had very poor flexibility but with continuous kicking and Jiu-jitsu, they improved a lot with mobility and also reduced joint pains.

Currently, based on Mumbai, Rohit also believes that there is a major difference in regular fitness routines and combat sports when it comes to testing a person’s strength.

Rohit Nair: The major difference I feel in regular fitness and combat sports is that combat sports are a far more real test of a person’s strength. I have seen people deadlift and squat extremely heavyweights and have an impressive muscular body but are unable to spar or fight with half their body weight person who trains combat sports.

The debate on combat sports for fitness is a large one and is something worth talking about in a dedicated article. As for Rohit, it would be interesting to see how his time away from the game has prepared him for his upcoming fights.

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