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Rodtang has a future in MMA, says ONE Strawweight champion Joshua Pacio

ONE Championship strawweight champion Joshua Pacio believes that ONE Super Series champion Rodtang has a good future in MMA.

Speaking to ONE Championship, Pacio gave his take on the recent special-rules fight between Rodtang and Demetrious Johnson and added that the Muay-Thai star has what it takes to transition into MMA.

“I believe [Rodtang would] do well if he wants to explore MMA. He’s certainly learned a lot in that single round against DJ, and he won’t get that experience anywhere. You can pick up a lot of things just by training and rolling with DJ, so what more if you’re up against him? I expect him to pick up a lot of things from that. That’s a great lesson for him,” Pacio said.

Talking about the match between Johnson and Rodtang, Pacio said that he had expected Johnson to pick up the win.

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“I sort of expected DJ to come away with the win, but that first round [of Muay Thai] was amazing. Rodtang ate a lot of shots, and I read one comment from DJ that he’s really got a chin, so he really made sure to finish it in the [MMA] second round to avoid the third round. It was a great match,” the Filipino added.

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