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It is like Batman fighting Superman: Demetrious Johnson on Rodtang fight

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Calendar Icon15 March 2022

Demetrious Johnson is all set to lock horns with Rodtang at ONE X. Considered to be one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, Johnson will have a tough challenge in his hand as the fight against Rodtang will be a special rules contest with the rounds alternative between Muay-Thai Rules and MMA Rules.

Speaking ahead of the fight, Johnson had an interesting comparison for his fight against Rodtang and said that it is similar to a showdown between Batman and Superman.

“When I sit down and think about this fight, for the first and third round it’s basically like Batman fighting Superman, and he knows he has a kryptonite ring. In the second and fourth round, he gets to use it, but he’s only got three minutes,” Johnson told ONE Championship.

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He added that he has three minutes to put away Rodtang with his grappling skills.

“I’ve got three minutes to put this guy away. So do I think he can take a flush knee to the face? Absolutely. Do I think he can hold his breath underwater if I cut off his blood supply to his brain? Probably not. But like I said, I plan on mixing it up and just going out there and fighting,” he added.

Speaking further, Johnson laid out his chances in the MMA rounds and the Muay-Thai rounds.

“[The MMA rounds] allow me to start doing more things, but only for three minutes, and within those, the fight still starts on the feet. So let’s say I get the fight down with two minutes left. I have to start going over submissions, beat him up, try to ground and pound him. Then we go back to Muay Thai. It’s an extremely hard fight when I sit down and break it down technically,” he added.

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