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No-Gi Grappling Open Championship 2019: Complete Medal Winners

LockerRoom Team
21 October 2019

No-Gi Grappling Open Championship organized by Global Mixed Martial Arts Association and IFL was held at Fit and Fight Club in Mumbai last day.

The event which was helmed by Alam Idrishi, Sanjivan Padwal and Salim Khan saw a solid participation across various age and weight categories. Chaitanya Gavali, Rajiv Khati, Sanjivan Padwal, Kishan Gupta, Tanmay, Pawan Semiwal, and Suyash Jadhav served as referees for the Championship.

One of the most interesting parts of the event was the showdown between two 10-year-olds Inaaya Multani and Angel Patil which you can see below.

Elsewhere, in the Absolute Division of the event, Dipesh Rasal shocked everyone when he clinched gold. Dipesh, who is a white belt, managed to get wins over more experienced names like Gajendra Kharatmol and Siddharth Singh to win the Gold medal and claim the top spot.

Prior to their showdowns with Dipesh in the Absolute Division, Siddharth and Gajendra had picked up Gold and Silver Medals respectively in the -70 category.

Sumit Jadhav, Amaan Awaskar, Satyam Pandey, Manali Mule, Tejesh Patil, Tanish Gupta, Rajendra Peshwani, Pratik Gavali, Mazhar Khan, Rohit Singh, Vaibhav Mistry and Ritesh Kohar also went home with Gold Medals in their respective categories.

Below are the complete list of medal winners from the event.

Absolute Division

Gold – Dipesh Rasal

Silver – Gajendra Kharatmol

Bronze – Siddharth Singh

Under 16 Boys (A): - 30 Weight Category

Gold – Nikhil Lamture

Silver – Awez Sayyed

Under 16 Boys (B): - 30 Weight Category

Gold – Harsh Dubey

Silver – Faiz Khan

Under 16 Girls

Gold – Angel Patil

Silver – Inaaya Multani

Under 16 Boys (A): +50 Weight Category

Gold – Alex Harigen

Silver – Yash Nayak

Under 16 Boys: -50 Weight Category

Gold – Danish Khadariya

Silver – Shushil Mukesh

Junior Boys (A): -60 Weight Category

Gold – Abhi Lomthe

Silver – Raman Vishal

Junior Boys (B): -60 Weight Category

Gold – Sahil Raza

Silver – Sukrut Mahtre

Girls: -55 Weight Category

Gold – Nayan Mandlik

Silver – Pranjali Dubay

Boys: -55 Weight Category

Gold – Sumit Jadhav

Silver – Chaitanya Dive

Boys (A): -60 Weight Category

Gold – Amaan Awaskar

Silver – Digvijay Jadhav

Bronze – Rohan Derber

Boys (B): -60 Weight Category

Gold – Satyam Pandey

Silver – Zakee Mohammed

Bronze – Satich Gadve

Girls: -60 Weight Category

Gold – Manali Mule

Silver – Rashi Shinde

Bronze – Amrita Chatterjee

Boys (A): -65 Weight Category

Gold – Tejesh Patil

Silver – Sibtain Khan

Boys (B): -65 Weight Category

Gold – Tanish Gupta

Silver – Ravi Saw

Boys (A): -70 Weight Category

Gold – Siddharth Singh

Silver – Gajendra Kharatmol

Bronze – Rahul Pardesi

Boys (B): -70 Weight Category

Gold – Rajendra Peshwani

Silver – Amir Khan

Bronze – Bhavesh Mule

Boys: -75 Weight Category

Gold – Pratik Gavali

Silver – Altaf Sharif

Bronze – Sartik Hegde

Boys: -80 Weight Category

Gold – Mazhar Khan

Silver – Hamid Sayyed

Boys: -85 Weight Category

Gold – Rohit Singh

Silver – Munazir Hussain

Bronze – Vihal

Boys: -95 Weight Category

Gold – Vaibhav Mistry

Silver – Amin Rane

Bronze – Imran Multani

Boys: +95 Weight Category

Gold – Ritesh Kohar

Silver – Vivek Sharma


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