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Naresh Surya Classic India Open MMA championship: Here are the results

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30 January 2020

Hyderabad played host to yet another successful MMA event this past weekend as the city saw the Naresh Surya Classic India Open MMA championship. The event which happened on 25 and 26 January was hosted by the Telangana Association of Mixed Martial Arts (TAMMA) along with the Naresh Surya Classic Fitness Expo 2020.

Sanctioned by MMA India, the event saw fighters from across 12 states competing across various weight classes.

States like Telangana, Maharashtra and Karnataka took home a major chunk of the medals while the best fighter of the event went to Kaushik of Tamil Nadu. Karan Chauhan, who locked in three back to back submissions to win gold in the Featherweight category got the Best Submission award.

Meanwhile, Hemanth of Telangana secured the Best Knockout of the event award as well. Wasif Ur Rahman, Derrick Daniel, Athul Hotker, Sreedhara Sajji, Raza Ansari, Lale Mulla, Shubham Deepak, Kiran MP, Said Khan, Adarsh S and Mohd. Akber won Gold Medals in their respective weight categories.

Sana Afreen and Simran Fathima of Telengana clinched gold in the female weight classes. Below is the complete list of medal winners from the event:

Outstanding Achievements:

  • Best fighter of the event: Kaushik (Tamil Nadu)
  • Best submission of the event: Karan Chauhan (Maharashtra)
  • Best knock out of the event: Gulutoth Hemanth (Telangana)

Medal Winners:

Group A Strawweight

  • Gold medal: Wasif Ur Rahman (Telangana)
  • Silver medal: Abdul Aziz (Telangana)
  • Bronze medal: Aryan Brahma (Gujarat)
  • Bronze medal: M.Varun (Telangana)

Group B Strawweight:

  • Gold medal: Shreedhara Sajji (Karnataka)
  • Silver medal: Shabarish A (Tamilnadu)
  • Bronze medal: Md Faiz Ur Rahman (Telangana)
  • Bronze medal: Krishnakant Kolkar (Maharashtra)

Group A Flyweight:

  • Gold medal: Derrick (Karnataka)
  • Silver medal: Prasajit Boru (Telangana)
  • Bronze medal: V.Vijay (Chhattisgarh)
  • Bronze medal: Allam Ramakrishna (Telangana)

Group B Flyweight:

  • Gold medal: Raza Ansari (Maharashtra)
  • Silver medal: Naveen M (Karnataka)
  • Bronze medal: Mohd Fahad Khan
  • Bronze medal: Ravi Kumar (Karnataka)

Group A Bantamweight:

  • Gold medal: Lale Mashyak Mulla (Karnataka)
  • Silver medal: Md Jawad (Telangana)
  • Bronze medal: Nayan Jyothi (Telangana)
  • Bronze medal: Arshi Jogal (Gujarat)

Group B Bantamweight:

  • Gold medal: Shubham Deepak (Maharashtra)
  • Silver medal: Balam Hari Krishna (Telangana)
  • Bronze medal: Rajesh R (Karnataka)
  • Bronze medal: Keshav Nayak (Chhattisgarh)

Group A Featherweight:

  • Gold medal: Karan Chauhan (Maharashtra)
  • Silver medal: Syed Mussadiq (Telangana)
  • Bronze medal: Parshuram (Karnataka)
  • Bronze medal: Ayanabh Mukherjee (Karnataka)

Group B Featherweight:

  • Gold medal: Kaushik (Tamil Nadu)
  • Silver medal: Anand S (Karnataka)
  • Bronze medal:  Ata Ur Rahman (Telangana)
  • Bronze medal: Mayur Prasad (Chhattisgarh)

Group A Lightweight:

  • Gold medal: Kiran NP (Karnataka)
  • Silver medal: Glen Fernando (Tamilnadu)
  • Bronze medal: M.Praneeth (Telangana)
  • Bronze medal: Dheeraj (Telangana)

Group B Lightweight:

  • Gold medal: Atul Hotker (Karnataka)
  • Silver medal: Atul prasad (Karnataka)
  • Bronze medal: Anirithan (Tamilnadu)
  • Bronze medal: Monish Anil (Maharashtra)


  • Gold medal: Zaid khan(Maharashtra)
  • Silver medal: Gulutoth Hemanth (Telangana)
  • Bronze medal: Chandrashekar (Karnataka)
  • Bronze medal: Yash Nandwal (Madhyapradesh)


  • Gold medal: Adarsh S (Karnataka)
  • Silver medal : Ankeeth Suvarna (Maharashtra)
  • Bronze medal: K.Rakes
  • Bronze medal: Shubham (Maharashtra)

Light Heavyweight:

  • Gold medal: Mohd Akber (Telangana)
  • Silver medal: Syed Ahmed (Telangana)

Open weight:

  • Gold medal: P Sai Shivramakrishna

Female categories


  • Gold medal: Simran Fatima (Telangana)
  • Silver medal: Tanya (Gujarat)

Female flyweight

  • Gold medal: Sana Afreen (Telangana)
  • Silver medal: Harshitha (Karnataka)

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