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Mysore Fight Night 2: Leela gets KO win, Ronak and Naveen wins FOTN

LockerRoom Team
11 November 2019

The Mysore Fight Night happened this past weekend in Mysore despite some major hurdles that the organising team encountered due to the Ayodhya verdict.

The Police orders restricted large gatherings in public places due to the Ayodhya Verdict which made the venue to postpone the event. But since almost all the athletes were present and that they had been training for more than a month including weight cuts and long distance travels, the Association for Combat Sports in Karnataka (ACSK) decided to hold the event behind closed doors.

While the main event between Basavesh and Ayanabh was cancelled, the fight featuring Leela and Mounika took the centre stage. 13-year-old Leela, who was making her debut, managed to get a KO win.

Elsewhere, the fight of the night went to the fight that featured Ronak and Naveen. The fighters managed to put on a show for everyone in attendance. The fight went to the distance and it was Naveen that came out with a decision win. Irrespective of the result, both the fighters delivered big time and it would be interesting to see these two back in the cage next time. 

Meanwhile, K Naresh and M Naresh got wins against their respective opponents in the main card. Amith, Divya, Samarth and Krishna were the other major winners from the event. The fight between Lohit and Deepak was cancelled as well.

The team noted that it was hectic to move the cage from the venue to the gym and make necessary arrangements but also added that a combination of teamwork and understanding fighters made the event a success story.

Below are the results:

  • Basavesh vs. Ayanabh (Fight Cancelled)
  • Leela def. Mounka
  • K Naresh def. Bharat
  • M Naresh def. Prajwal
  • Amith def. Shanmukha
  • Divya def. Renuka
  • Krishna def. Tahir
  • Naveen def. Ronak
  • Samarth def. Rajath
  • Lohit vs. Deepak (Cancelled)


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