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Murtaza Talha lives up to the hype with a dominant win in his pro MMA debut

LockerRoom Team
22 November 2020

One of the hottest prospects in MMA, Murtaza Talha made his professional debut in triumphant fashion by taking out his Belarusian adversary Vadim Litvin in the second round of BRAVE CF 45.

Bahrain's Murtaza Talha has lived up to the hype at his professional and BRAVE CF debut with an impressive performance. The 97kg Catchweight bout began with heavy pressure from Murtaza which Vadim dealt with his long-range.

However, the Bahraini went for his first takedown attempt in the opening minutes in a bid to take control of the fight. After prolonged exchanges in the clinch, which Murtaza was able to dominate, he finally secured a takedown off a single leg. After a brief separation, Murtaza got his second take down and closed out a dominant first round.

The second round started with striking exchanges. While Vadim landed a strong leg kick, Murtaza returned with a punch to the head that connected. The Bahraini followed up with a successful takedown attempt putting him in the same favorable position which gave abundant success in the first round. The night went from bad to worse for the Vadim as Murtaza progressed to a more dominant ground position on the ground. It wasn't long till the Belarusian got locked in a tight rear-naked choke which he had no hope of escaping. The tap ensued, to which the referee was quick to stop the fight.

This comes after Light Heavyweight conquered two world titles under the IMMAF banner, and left the amateur ranks as the number one ranked fighter in his weight class as well as the number six pound-for-pound amateur athlete.

The dominant victory hinted at what is yet to come from the 26-year-old. Heralded as a generational talent by many, the youngster has tremendous expectations to live up to but he has certainly marked his new beginning in the best possible way.

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