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Molly McCann interested in Antonina Shevchenko fight, not ready for Valentina

LockerRoom Team
24 July 2022

Molly McCann secured yet another dominant win at UFC London this past weekend. The English star is now looking forward to bigger challenges and noted that she is interested in a fight with Antonina Shevchenko.

Speaking after her highlight reel win at UFC London, McCann noted that she is not yet ready for Valentina Shevchenko but added that she is willing to fight Antonina.

“So I never call anyone out. It’s not for me to do. But when you talk about legacy, prestige, honour, who’s the best in the game – and it’s Valentina (Shevchenko). Am I Valentina ready? No. Am I Antonina ready? Let’s see. I believe I am. This isn’t like a diss. This isn’t like, ‘I think I’m gonna ‘F’ you everywhere,” she said [h/t MMA Junkie].

She further went on to add that it would be an amazing fight while also keeping the doors open for a future fight against Valentina Shevchenko in the UFC.

“I genuinely think this is an amazing fight to have, and if they do one fight camp for me, if I ever make it to Shevchenko, they’ll have the blueprint. But I’ll also have the blueprint because I’ll know how to beat her sister. So with the greatest respect, I’ve said her name because I think she is the best. So I would like you to tell her that I believe she is the best, that’s why I’m trying to challenge her for that,” she added.

McCann improved her record to 13-4 with her performance at UFC London and is now 6-3 in the UFC right now.

What do you think of a potential fight between McCann and Shevchenko? Let us know in the comments below.


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