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Mary Kom slams IOC Boxing Task Force, Adds that she will not be quitting

LockerRoom Team
29 July 2021

Indian boxer Mary Kom bowed out of the Olympics after a close defeat to Ingrit Valencia of Colombia in the Round of 16 last day.

Valencia was aggressive from the starting bell itself and was chasing the Indian who remained calm despite the pressure from her opponent. The Colombian had some success with her jab when Kom managed to move in and out of the pocket and land occasionally. At the end of the first round, four judges ruled in favor of Valencia when one judge gave the round to Kom.

Kom had her fair share of swings in the second round and was met with swift resistance from Valencia as well. When the scores were revealed after the round, it proved to be an almost even scoring making the third round a crucial one. Both boxers went for the win in the third and had their moments. In the end, the fight was ruled in favor of Valencia with a close score of 3-2

After the fight, Kom expressed her displeasure in the judging and revealed that she could not believe the result which was announced.

"I was happy inside the ring, when I came out, I was happy because in my mind I knew I had won. When they took me for doping, I was still happy. Only when I saw the social media and my coach (Chhote Lal Yadav repeated it to me), it sunk in that I have lost. I had beaten this girl twice in the past. I couldn't believe that her hand was raised by the referee. I swear, it hadn't struck me that I lost, I was so sure," Mary Kom noted post the fight [via TOI].

She further went on to add that she will be continuing her boxing journey.

“In a minute or in a second everything is gone for an athlete. This is unfortunate what has happened. I am disappointed by the judging. I will take a break after coming back, spend time with my family. But I am not quitting. If there is any competition, I will continue and try my luck," she added.

What do you think of the decision made by the judges after the match? Let us know in the comment section below.

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