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The World Cup of MMA: Here is a look at the MMA Super Cup

LockerRoom Team
07 March 2022

BRAVE International Combat Week is almost upon us; excitement and anticipation are building to fever pitch, and one of the undisputed star attractions of BRAVE International Combat Week is the dawning of the MMA Super Cup, the biggest competition for amateur MMA in the history of combat sports. Bringing together the nations offering the best that amateur MMA has to offer, such a competition needs a prize worthy of such an accolade, and that is more than the case here.

BRAVE are delighted to present the MMA Super Cup – a 73.5cm tall trophy that is as beautiful as it is meaningful. Designed and crafted by only the finest jewellers and craftsmen and women out there, the MMA Super Cup is laced with symbolism and meaning.

Immediately, probably the most striking, stand out feature of the new trophy is the beautiful, ornate gold dome at the very top, including the man holding the Earth. This symbol is hugely important for many reasons – this man lived to be the strongest creature on Earth, both physically and mentally. Likewise, those who compete in the MMA Super Cup compete to be the strongest and the best. The man is one who went to war, yet also lived the majority as a hermit in caves – the complexity and contrast of being the strongest is ever present in those who face the challenge of the MMA Super Cup; there must be the hermit-like aspect of philosophy and peace, and yet the war-like aspect of facing conflict and proving oneself in battle to physically be the strongest.

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The lions below the main body of the trophy embody both the strength of the victor who holds the MMA Super Cup, as well as the constant challenges and difficulties that that victor must go through to continuously prove themselves to be the very best that there is anywhere. The green that is found around the rim of the top of the trophy is a further embodiment of what the man represents and stands for, and it also presents the importance of wisdom on behalf of the holder also.

Lastly, it is beyond important to the leadership of BRAVE CF that the trophy is always kept in the utmost condition of respect and reverence. The trophy is the physical symbol of pride, success and honor, and must always be treated as such. The trophy is only ever worthy of being held gloveless by those who win it, and have therefore met and exceeded the same challenges that the figure holding Earth did.

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This is perhaps the most reverent and symbol-laden prize in MMA today, and one nation is going to have the eternal honor of being its first-ever holder, and thus writing their names into the annals of MMA history forever.


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