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22 Memes that only make sense to hardcore MMA fans

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon25 June 2022

The MMA community is a close-knit one. When you are in it, you are in it. Though MMA is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world at the moment, there are still certain things out there which will only make sense to fans who have been following the sport for a long time. Here is a look at 22 such memes which only make sense to hardcore MMA fans.

  1.  The deadliest combo out there
  2. The ears don’t lie chico
  3. Mystic Masvidal
  4. Make your pick
  5. Sad indeed
  6. Making the Hard decisions
  7. 100% literacy
  8. McGregor in the Dark Side
  9. The Bromance is real
  10. Charles Screwed Charles
  11. What If
  12. Before the Petr Yan Rematch
  13. More like a Tweet, but Paulo Costa though
  14. We’ve all been through this
  15. Respect to Ben Askren
  16. Two dominant champions right there
  17. If you know, you know
  18. The fight we all wanted
  19. Chandler deserves a break
  20. Khabib and DC smiles 
  21. That burn though
  22. Closing with two legends

What are your favorite MMA memes? Let us know in the comments


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