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Karan Lama details his Combat Sports journey, most memorable fight and more

LockerRoom Team
28 September 2020

As someone that grew up in a police society, Karan Lama was not a stranger to sporting activities. Though he started out with football till the age of 13, it was a year later that his life changed upside down.

The Brutal fight and kickboxing

At the age of 14, Karan got into a brutal fight with one of his seniors at school. The fight resulted in a full-blown broken nose. It was at this point that his father, who was a policeman, decided to make Karan join kickboxing classes. 

Karan Lama: When I saw my Kickboxing class for the first time, I really liked it. I loved the bags, mats, and all. I will just tell you a moment, we used to have sparring days on Saturday. All students had to make a line and anybody that wanted to fight had to raise their hands. There was a top guy in my gym and nobody raised a hand for him except me. And he beat me for sure but I kicked him a couple of times in the face and it was something that attracted my master. He said you are a good kid and that I shouldn’t worry since he is 25 years old.

It was this attitude of taking up challenges that built the foundation for Karan’s combat sports career. He soon started taking up fights and was heavily inspired by the style of Jon Jones. In no time, Karan ended up winning the National-level gold medal in Kickboxing. It was at this point that his friends also started noticing his combat sports journey.

Karan Lama: My dad made me join the kickboxing school to start that because he wanted me to do something big. Like I said my parents supported me for martial arts. They were a little bit nervous but allowed me to do it. My friends didn't know anything that I'm doing until I bagged national gold in kickboxing

MMA and his most memorable fight

At the age of 16, Karan made the leap to Mixed Martial Arts. He was one of the youngest fighters to compete at the Bodypower Nationals during that time. It was the tournament that also played host to one of his most memorable fights against Mohammed Musa.

Karan Lama: The fight was amazing I nearly make him red up to round three by hitting him but in the last ten seconds of the third he chocked me out that was a good experience.

Although it was a setback on paper, Karan learned from the same and has managed to win nine MMA fights across multiple competitions. With a record of 15-1 in kickboxing and 9-1 in Mixed Martial Arts, Karan also has experience of fighting in Muay-Thai and Karate and is driven by his love to fight. Although he has faced financial issues in his career, he managed to balance them with part-time work.

An admirer of Jon Jones, Karan concluded by saying that his future plan is ‘lit’ and that all of us have to wait and watch him perform to see it unfold.


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Coach Zishaan
Coach Zishaan

this is great!, cover more stories like this?????????...More power to you karan lama!

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