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Kantharaj Agasa details the story of his quick recovery from shoulder surgery

LockerRoom Team
17 July 2020

Indian MMA star Kantharaj Agasa underwent a ligament reconstruction surgery for his shoulder back in May and now, he is on the road to a speedy recovery thanks to some help from a fellow athlete.

Kantharaj shared the story of how Syed Rufaid Qadri, an ADCC India and DAMAU International Open Champion and a former student of Kantharaj helped in the recovery process.

Below is the story that Kantharaj shared.

“I went through shoulder surgery, it has been 60 days and I have started my training too. Many people ask me how I recovered so soon, the reason behind all this energetic fit is @rufaidsyedqadri. Let me tell you about him, when I was taking wrestling and judo classes, he was my trainee 4 years ago; he had a keen ambition of being an MMA fighter.

I just taught him the requirements for fight preparation on a regular basis, but he was very sincere, rarely missed any classes!

With this hard work and determination, he achieved really big. He became champion in 'Amateur National Championship'. He also became champion in 'ADCC Jujutsu held in India'. After winning, he always shared his gratitude to me.

Being my trainee, when he got to know about my shoulder surgery he called me and told that "He will only do post-surgery rehabilitation with no charges and it will be recovered soon and can be back to my training"

It has been more than 20 days, my recovery has been really good and I'm feeling better & fit for training.

It’s an era where people barely remember a small help, inspite of it I found Rufaid is different from people,

I was overwhelmed by gratitude showed by Rufaid, he helped me immensely in my recovery, I would have not asked a better friend and a trainer of him. Thank you so much Rufaid, God bless you, best wishes for your future,” Kantharaj noted on his Instagram.

The story of Kantharaj and Rufaid once again underlines how athletes can elevate themselves and progress together by joining hands.

Rufaid, meanwhile, in an exclusive statement, noted that he is willing to help out fellow fighters who might be struggling to get the right rehab due to financial problems. 

"If some fighter who does not have money for rehab...I would love to help them out from injury," he said. 

What do you think of the story? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Image Courtesy: Facebook/Syed Rufaid Qadri


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