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Champion Joshua Pacio breaks down the loss of Lito Adiwang to Jarred Brooks

LockerRoom Team
23 December 2021

Jarred Brooks made a huge impact in his promotional debut when he managed to outclass Team Lakay star Lito Adiwang. The promotional newcomer has managed to grab the attention of champion Joshua Pacio as well with his performance.

In a recent interview with ONE Championship, Pacio broke down the showdown between Lito Adiwang and Jarred Brooks.

“That’s MMA for you. Whoever blinks first loses. For me, Lito was actually tiring Jarred Brooks out. That’s also what he told me. Jarred had a guillotine attempt and he exerted all his force there, and that’s where he began to tire out. Yes, I felt like he controlled Lito in the entire first round. In the second round, I felt like he was starting to gas out,” Pacio recalls.

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He further went on to add that Brooks was looking for the finish against Brooks.

“There was also an instance where Lito threw a leg kick and Jarred asked for a timeout because of a low blow? Lito thought it wasn’t a low blow, and then he took the entire five minutes to rest. Then there it was, back in the same position. Lito made one error and Brooks made him pay for it. Brooks definitely wanted to finish Lito as soon as he got the choke, as he knew that Lito would turn the tide in the third round,” he added.

When asked about the possibility of Brooks getting a title shot, Pacio had the following to say.

“Him calling us out is just his style to get the big fights in the rankings. Personally, I respect Jarred Brooks as an athlete. He’s a very experienced athlete, and he’s a really confident fighter. What makes Jarred Brooks good is his experience. He’s been fighting at the top level in mixed martial arts for the longest time. I can say he’s one of the threats in this division, but as I’ve been saying, I’ve been improving by 1 percent each day. And while he’s saying that he hasn’t faced someone in his level, I know for a fact that he also hasn’t faced someone like me,” Pacio concluded.

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