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SBG Ireland Head Coach John Kavanagh full of praise for BRAVE Combat Federation

LockerRoom Team
05 September 2021

Since its inception, back in 2016, BRAVE Combat Federation was built as a global Mixed Martial Arts organization, with the focus on developing and promoting the growing MMA scene, regardless of the region of which the talent was coming from.

Almost five years in, and BRAVE CF has become a focal point for Mixed Martial Artists, especially in regions that have been long neglected by Western promotions, showing that there’s a lot more in the MMA world than one would've thought.

Speaking after BRAVE CF 53 in Kazakhstan, SBG Ireland’s John Kavanagh acknowledged this particular feature as one of the most important contributions offered by the Bahrain-based organization to the world of MMA.

“Obviously, it’s an amazing service to the MMA community, showcasing global talent like this”, he said. “Usually, US-based shows want US fighters, and so do the European events. Over the last years there was a huge Russian, Dagestani invasion, they’ve done really well. But it’s very interesting to see other regions, other styles from different countries playing in”.

“You see Kazakhstan’s fighters, they fight differently than Russian fighters, or Uzbekistan’s fighters”, he continued. “What BRAVE CF is doing, I think, is gonna bring up talent from all over the world. Not just focused on one or two, big countries. For me, BRAVE CF is at the tip of the spear at bringing in as many people as possible into this sport”.

BRAVE CF returns to action on September 25, with its first visit to Poland. BRAVE CF 54 will be held in association with Galana Exclusive Championship in the city of Konin. The event will be headlined by the Lightweight world title bout between the champion Amin Ayoub and the challenger Ahmed Amir.

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