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Indian MMA star Jason Ramesh Solomon talks about the lockdown, Viral KO, Srikant Sekhar and more

Renjith Ravindran
26 April 2020

Jason Ramesh Solomon is someone that needs no introduction. He has been a mainstay in the Indian MMA scene for quite a long time now and he is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon as well.

The Delhi Don is currently going through a slow phase after he suffered two back-to-back defeats for the first time in his career but that is not keeping his spirits down during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Jason Ramesh Solomon: Lucky I’m lockdown at home with family and my dawgs. Also, finally got time to follow my other passion, music. I’ve been spending time with my kids and puppies. Doing basic home workouts, reading, and writing, making music, Netflix and lots of sex.

Talking about his other passion, Jason has also dropped his new music album in between the lockdown which is available on channels like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music among others.

He notes that the lockdown finally gave him some time to put the music album out there.

Jason Ramesh Solomon: Always loved music and always wanted to make music. So finally got time to do that. The story behind this album is basically about relationships, it’s like an RnB Pop album. Doing singing and rapping.

Coming back to his MMA career, a lot of people are still holding on to the viral knockout that Jason suffered against Amitesh Chaubey back in 2015. Interestingly, Jason went on to have a four-fight winning streak after this defeat and it was also the only loss in his career till Srikant Sekhar submitted him at Matrix Fight Night 2.

Jason Ramesh Solomon: It is crazy. People still send me hate mail and messages from that fight. I can’t believe it. That shit just motivates me. The people who do that are just losers. Cyberbullies and keyboard warriors. Never done shit in their lives so it makes them feel better to other people down. I feel sorry for them really. They are just jealous.

Jason went on to add that he doesn’t consider those fights as losses and instead sees them as lessons.

Jason Ramesh Solomon: It did change me a bit; I got a little less cocky. But not really, I know I’m a good fighter. I still have a better pro MMA record than all the guys that beat me. But I don’t really consider those fights a loss. They were lessons. I learnt from them and saw the mistakes I made and it just makes me a better fighter. Winning all the time is boring.  Need a lose every now and then to keep you on your toes and shows me where I need to improve.

As mentioned earlier, after this KO loss against Amitesh, Jason went on to have a four-fight winning streak which built up to his fight with Srikant Sekhar. A lot of trash talk happened prior to the fight between the two and the Delhi Don feels that trash talk is an essential part for the sport to sell the fight.

Jason Ramesh Solomon: I love the trash talk. That makes the fight interesting. It’s also physiological warfare. Trying to get into my opponent’s head. Also gives the fans a chance to get some action. If they talk shit about me, I don’t mind. People need to talk more shit and create more hype otherwise it’s so boring. Everyone is so formal. Fans want to see drama!!

The fight ended with Srikant getting the submission win and Jason is more than happy to run it back anytime and anywhere.

Jason Ramesh Solomon: Srikant got lucky. I took his back and was set up for an RNC and I made a rookie mistake. Shit happens. Things don’t always go your way. But don’t give up, keep pushing forward learn and grow from it.

As far as his defeat against Pawan Maan goes, it was a hand injury that forced Jason out. And he feels that he made the right decision so that his career is not impacted.  

Jason Ramesh Solomon: I got injured my last fight. When I threw a punch it landed on his forehead and I had a previous injury from another fight in SFL season 1 against Amit Kumar. I broke it then the first time, you don’t feel the pain while the round is going on. Only when you stop and the adrenaline stops and you feel the pain. So I pulled out. I want to fight for a few more years and don’t want to end my career early because of injury. Sometimes you need to lose the battle to win the war. Pawan everyone says I was winning. I just got hurt and made a call to pull out to avoid more damage.  I’m a pro and I know when to throw in the towel. Don’t want a career-ending injury. I’m still young have a few more years of fighting ahead of me.

Jason is, however, adamant that Srikant and Pawan might not fight him soon and is ready to fight his way back to get those rematches.

Jason Ramesh Solomon: Think they will run from me for a while. I will need to get a few more wins before Matrix Fight Night will force them to fight me. That will give them the time they need to get better. I still believe I am better than them. I just got caught and got hurt. Like I said before shit happens. Every dog has its day. I beat Pawan before. And will do it again.

And here’s what Jason had to say when he concluded the interview.

Jason Ramesh Solomon: I will be back stronger and when I am back everyone will know! The Delhi Don is back baby.

You can check out Jason's new music album on Spotify by clicking here and on YouTube by clicking here


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