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Javier Mendez responds to Khabib Nurmagomedov claim from Jake Paul

LockerRoom Team
14 January 2022

Jake Paul made headlines after his win over Tyron Woodley when the YouTube star claimed that he will be training with Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team at American Kickboxing Academy under Javier Mendez.

However, from the looks of it, Jake Paul and his team are yet to make moves for the same. The same was revealed by Javier Mendez recently in an interview with The Schmo. Mendez said that everyone in the gym will have to approve it.

"It could happen but like anybody you know we have to go through all the coaches and all the fighters that are here and anybody that's a famous athlete like him. They will go through the routine that everybody does so he would have to get voted by everybody. First of all, he's never asked. What he's done is he's marketed himself beautifully. I loved the plug he gave us, I think it was a fantastic plug and I think he's a fantastic person. He in turn gave me a create return favour by talking about training with us,” Mendez said.

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Mendez further went on to add without the consent of the team, Jake Paul will not be able to train at AKA.

"The reality is no matter who you are, you have to go through the team to get consent to train with us. He hasn't been given consent because he hasn't asked, it's not that he won't I just know he hasn't asked. If he does get denied, he won't know who denied him cause we don't say that,” Mendez added.

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