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Israel Adesanya backs Jake Paul, gives his take on UFC Fighter pay

LockerRoom Team
24 February 2022

UFC Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya recently signed a huge contract with the UFC but the signature is not going to stop him from talking about Fighter pay in the UFC.

In an interview with talkSPORT, Adesanya noted that Jake Paul was the right guy to challenge Dana White regarding fighter pay and added that the buzz created by the YouTube sensation aided him for his new contract.

“I think Jake Paul was the right guy to (challenge Dana White) at the time. He was one of the guys to get this conversation going that Francis jumped in. You have me even now speaking about it. Just because I got my new deal doesn’t mean I just shut up about it. I’m not wrong in saying I think everyone should be getting paid equally for their work. I get paid quite nicely, and I’m still greedy. This is the game we’re in, in prize fighting,” Adesanya said.

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Adesanya added that he hopes to see a ripple effect when it comes to fighter pay in the UFC.

“I’m talking about the guy who is having the second fight in the UFC. I think they should be paid well enough that they can have a 12-week training camp without having a second or third job. They can pay their managers and have their training fees taken care of and still have enough to live on comfortably. What you get there is the notion of rising tides lifts all boats because you get a better quality product by having fighters completely train on fighting, and they’re going to put on a better show, and then the company rises up. Trust me. It’s a momentum that is happening right now, and I don’t think it can be stopped. This one is going to go all the way,” Adesanya added.

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