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IFMA World Muay-Thai Championships 2021: Complete results for Team India

LockerRoom Team
10 December 2021

The IFMA World Muay-Thai Championship 2021 campaign of Team India came to an end last day in Thailand. India had a strong presence in the tournament this time around with a long list of athletes competing across different weight classes and divisions.

The lone win for India in the tournament came thanks to Harsh Sharma who defeated Abdulaziz Alammar of Saudi Arabia through Referee Stoppage in the U-23 54KG Men's Elite Category. Harsh’s run, however, came to an end at the hands of Djillali Kharroubi of France in the next round. As for the medals, Jessica Lalruatkimi and Nivedya Veluthedath got Silver Medals in the J 12-13 Female Youth +63.5 KG Category and J 12-14 Female Youth +71 KG Category respectively. Ashikha Mattanimeethal Narma Debbarma, and Shubh Mittal got Bronze Medals.

A list of Indian fighters had tough draws as well as they were pitted up against Asian Champions, ONE Championship stars, and other big names in the opening round itself. You can see the complete results of Team India with respect to each day of the Championship below.

Day 1 Results:

  • Nina Scheucher (AUT) def. Bhuri Ajnar (India)
  • Cheryl Gwa (SGP) def. Sunita Dhurve (India)
  • Marcus Sundin (SWE) def. Sunil Kumar (India)
  • Dmitry Salamatin (EST) def. Neelesh Joshi (India)
  • Ymad Atrous (UAE) def. Ajay Sharma (India)
  • Anubhav Kumar (India) got Walk Over
  • Anil Mehta (India) got Walk Over
  • Drilon Shuti (NED) def. Ashish Sharma (India)
  • Konstantyn Tryshin (UKR) def. Jims Singh (India)
  • Muhammed Samet (TUR) def. Indrajit Singha (India)
  • Andrii Latushko (UKR) def. Fahad AK (India)
  • Kaewrudee Kamtakrapoom (THA) def. Anwitha Alva (India)
  • Shamil Mustafaev (UKR) def. Ashish Sethi (India)
  • Animish Dighe (India) gets walk over

Day 2 Results:

  • Angela Whitley (USA) def. Pooja Arya (India)
  • Iman Yasmin Barlow (GBR) def. Priya Sharma (India)
  • Amir Islyam (KAZ) def. Shubh Mittal (India)
  • Mohammed Chehboub (FRA) def. Anubhav Kumar (India)
  • Ahmad Bahman (UAE) def. Nupur Ranjan Borah (India)
  • Santiago Reyes (COL) def. Jobin Johny (India)
  • Harsh Sharma (India) def. Abdulaziz Alammar (KSA)
  • KK Gunawardhana (SRI) def. Mightyson (India)
  • Katsiaryna Sakharava (BLR) def. Ashikha (India)
  • Phillip Delarmino (PHI) def. Laishram Singh (India)
  • Fiodar Kautun (BLR) def. Kunal Satish Patil (India)
  • Onur Seker (TUR) def. Parvej Alam (India)

Day 3 Results:

  • Fiodar Kautun (BLR) def. Abir Asharaf (India)
  • Renat Suleimanov (RMF) def. Benjamin Zonunsanga (India)
  • Santiago Lualdi (URU) def. Lalthasanga Lelhchhun (India)
  • Abil Galiyev (KAZ) def. Anil Mehta (India)
  • Djillali Kharroubi (FRA) def. Harsh Sharma (India)
  • Tuncer Incke (TUR) def. Mohit Verma (India)
  • Vicktorie Bulinova (CZE) def. Anisha Shetty (India)
  • Daniel Antropik (LTU) def. Animish Manish Dighe (India)

Day 4 Results:

  • Elaheh Abedi (IRI) def. Narma Debbarma (India)
  • Chaiongchai Minindi (THA) def. Pynnehbor Mylliemngap (India)
  • Nur Amisha (MAB) def. Lalhmingmawii Khawlhring (India)
  • Jaynee Kellens (NED) def. Nivdeya Veluthedath (India)
  • Karolina Petrova (RMF) def. Jessica Lalruatkimi (India)
  • Reyhan Basci (TUR) def. Hmangaih Laltlansangi (India)
  • Rudzma Abubakar (PHI) def. Anikita Gogoi (India)
  • Bella Durandina (RMF) def. Jyoti Riamuk (India)
  • Nurul Amirah (MAS) def. Kavya Kirodian (India)


  • Jessica Lalruatkimi (Silver in J 12-13 Female Youth +63.5 KG)
  • Nivedya Veluthedath (Silver in J 12-14 Female Youth +71 KG)
  • Ashikha Mattanimeethal  (Bronze in J 12-13 Female Youth -44kg)
  • Shubh Mittal (Bronze in J 14-15 Male Youth +81kg)
  • Narma Debbarma (Bronze in J 16-17 Female Youth -42kg)

What are your thoughts on the campaign of Team India at the IFMA World Muay-Thai Championships? Let us know in the comment section of the article below.

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