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GAMMA World Championships 2021: Here is the Indian Team for the event

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Calendar Icon22 March 2022

The GAMMA World Championship 2021 is set to happen in Amsterdam from 23 March 2022 to 27 March 2022. The event will see a long list of nations from across the globe competing for the medals and India will have a total of 33 fighters representing the nation this time around. The team consists of 28 men and 5 women along with officials.

The team will be competing against 49 other nations in the tournament which was postponed from 2021 to 2022. The event will happen at the Sporthallen Zuid which is next to the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. As part of the World Championship, the World Congress will also take place on 24 March 2022 along with a seminar on anti-doping and a workshop for coaches.

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The registration will happen on 23 March 2022 and the bouts will start on Friday and will run through to Sunday across 18 weight categories with 11 categories for men and 7 categories for women.

You can see the Indian team for the tournament below.

Indian Team for GAMMA World Championships 2021

  • Shahid Syed Hussain (-115 LBS Striking MMA)
  • B Kishor Kumar (-115 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Arsenba Ozukum (-125 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Veinii S Thole Suffix (-125 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Pritesh Baviskar (-135 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Shanchui Zimik (-135 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Niranjan Singh (-145 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Longtsukumba Ao (-145 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Athul Hotker (-155 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Bhuvan Bojanna (-155 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Pratik Shetty (-170 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Joefan Singpho (-170 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Deepak Patil (+205 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Charles Peter (+205 LBS Striking MMA)
  • Surbala Laishram (-105 LBS Female Striking MMA)
  • Indiyana B (-145 LBS Female Striking MMA)
  • Joyraj Pegu (-115 LBS MMA)
  • Havish Reddy (-115 LBS MMA)
  • Limasunep Imchen (-125 LBS MMA)
  • Dinesh Naorem (-125 LBS MMA)
  • Aaquib Javid (-135 LBS MMA)
  • Aditya Bhosale (-135 LBS MMA)
  • Mohit Tiwari (-145 LBS MMA)
  • Chourajit Laishram (-145 LBS MMA)
  • Avizo Lanamai (-155 LBS MMA)
  • Shammas Latheef Abdul (-155 LBS MMA)
  • Yumter Taipodia (-185 LBS MMA)
  • Gaganpal Dua Singh (+205 LBS MMA)
  • Akshata Khadtare (-105 LBS MMA)
  • Sarita Rathod (-105 LBS MMA)
  • Samata Sonavane (-115 LBS MMA)

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