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GAMMA Asian Championships 2021: Here are the AIMMAF Representatives

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Calendar Icon22 August 2021

The GAMMA Asian Championships are set to happen from August 24 to August 28 in Kyrgyzstan. All India Mixed Martial Arts Federation (AIMMAF) will be sending four Indian MMA athletes to the event.

Dinesh Naorem, Kishor BK, Shammas Latheef, and Vinit Desai will be the athletes representing India on behalf of AIMMAF and it was also noted by the team that a total of 17 athletes were initially selected. However, due to a string of reasons, only four athletes could make it to the event. You can checkout the complete statement from the AIMMAF team below.

“It is quite unfortunate that out of 17 selected athletes for Asian Championship we are now down to only 4 athletes partly due to lockdown, containment, COVID travel restrictions, Air space closure, Financial difficulties, Visa and passport issues. We hope end of the year brings us good news with end of pandemic so we can start afresh.

Congratulations Kishor, Vinit Desai, Dinesh Naorem and Shammas to finally making it to Kyrgyzstan to represent India ???????? Wishing you best of luck ????,” the statement read.

Hailing from Manipur, Dinesh will be competing in the 56.7 KG Category at the event in MMA when Vinit Desai will be competing in the 77.1 KG Category. Shammas Latheef who hails from Kerala will be competing in the 65.7 KG category as well. Kishor BK, who is a Karnataka native will be competing in the 52 KG Striking MMA category.

AIMMAF Representatives for GAMMA Asian Championship 2021


  • Dinesh Naorem (56.7 KG)
  • Shammas Latheef (65.7 KG)
  • Vinit Desai (77.1 KG)

Striking MMA:

  • Kishor BK (52 KG)

What is Striking MMA?

The rules are intuitive as they include all the techniques which have made mixed martial arts popular except with the exclusion of the ground and pound techniques. Athletes are still allowed to submit their opponents to the ground and have a maximum of 30 seconds time to finish the submission to get the tap out and win. The fighter who was saved by 30 sec. the rule gets a point deducted similar to a knockdown in stand-up.

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