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GAMMA World Championship 2019: Day 1 Results and Day 2 Fixtures for Team India

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21 November 2019

The Indian team was in action today at the 2019 GAMMA World Championship and had an eventful day. The major story of the day for India came courtesy of Sumit Bhyan who secured two back to back victories.

Sumit, who first fought Timur Sinen of Russia managed to get the better of his opponent and progressed into the next round where he defeated Oleh Andreiev of Ukraine. He will now fight Adilet Nurmatov of Kyrgyzstan for a spot in the finals of his weight category.

Elsewhere, Mandeep Singh also got a win on Day 1 against Humberto Correia of France. He has now progressed into the next round where he fights Roman Syrkin.

Nikunj Sharma and Mohit Tiwari also picked up wins for Team India on Day 1. Nikunj secured a huge win over Mirsaid Akhmedov in the first round but met a roadblock against Liu Zhipeng of China in the next round.

Mohit Tiwari also had a similar story. He got a win over Mansoor Tohidlou of Iran in the first round but suffered a controversial decision loss in the second round against Ihor Shmyhol.

Siddhartha Trivedi, Vijayanand Rajendran, Vishnu Warrier, Rayyan Butt, Pawan Sharma, Abdul Lateef Shammas, Syed Nazzeur, Aditya Sanil, Sahil Dahiya, Charles PB and Ratnadiptee Shimpi also fought today. Despite their solid efforts, they could not progress into the next round.

Akshata Khadtare, Shivaraj, Priya Saini, Divya Nagaraj, and Kiran Naik will be having their first fights of the tournament on Day 2. 

Below are the complete results from Day 1 for Team India.

  • Sumit Bhyan def. Timur Sinen
  • Sumit Bhyan def. Oleh Andreiev
  • Mandeep Singh def. Humberto Correia
  • Nikunj Sharma def. Mirsaid Akhmedov
  • Liu Zhipeng def. Nikunj Sharma
  • Mohit Tiwari def. Mansoor Tohidlou
  • Ihor Shmyhol def. Mohit Tiwari
  • Wong Hongen def. Siddhartha Trivedi
  • Christopher Reyes def. Vijayanand Rajendran
  • Denys Bondar def. Vishnu Warrier
  • Le Quang def. Rayyan Butt
  • Quillan Salkilld def. Pawan Sharma
  • Edil Esengulov def. Abdul Lateef Shammas
  • Steven Wong def. Syed Nazzeur
  • Nassereddin Bibers def. Aditya Sanil
  • Marc Grayson def. Sahil Dahiya
  • Pierrat David def. Charles PB
  • Kabirabonu Ulugova def. Ratnadiptee Shimpi

Day 2 Fixture of Team India:

  • Sumit Bhyan will be fighting Adilet Nurmatov of Kyrgyzstan
  • Mandeep Singh will be fighting Roman Syrkin of Ukraine
  • Akshata Khadtare will be fighting Valentyna Semal of Ukraine
  • Priya Saini will be fighting Iliuk Luidmyla of Ukraine
  • Divya Nagaraj will be fighting Sue Roezala of New Zealand
  • Shivaraj will be fighting Lance Siah of Malaysia
  • Kiran Naik will be fighting Sabrina Phillipe of France

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