Ashwin Naidu has his eyes set firmly on the WKN International Title

LockerRoom Team
26 November 2020

Fraggingmonk Promotions will be rolling out their first event Fraggingmonk Fight Nights: Aarambh on November 28, 2020. As we reported earlier, the event will be headlined by the WKN title fight between Vaibhav Shetty and Ashwin Naidu with a string of kickboxing and boxing showdowns completing the fight card.

Ahead of the event, Ashwin Naidu sat down with Fraggingmonk Promotions and Combat Studio Productions to talk about his journey.

“I started my martial arts training under Master SK Murthy in 1993. He was not just a coach but he was a teacher. He said in a way that ‘you will survive longer’. In 1998, my fellow black belt and I started the School of Martial Arts, and ever since that I’ve been innovating and trying to understand the new age systems of Martial Arts and Combat Training,” Ashwin said during the interview.

He went on to add that he had been training religiously for years and that he is always ready for a fight. While concluding, Ashwin also made it clear that he is not here to be a stepping stone for anyone and that he is out to win the International title.

“I’m not one of those stepping stones, I want to be ‘the one’” he said.

Who do you think will walk out of the event with the WKN title? Let us know in the comment section below.

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