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WATCH: Fireside Chats on Boxing in India - Revival of Sports in Post-COVID world

LockerRoom Team
17 August 2020

Fireside Chats on Boxing in India by Boxing Council India and Club Fights featured yet another interesting topic last day. The chat covered the topic of revival of sports in the post-COVID world and had some eminent speakers.

Former Indian boxing coach Emani Chiranjeevi, Former Indian cricketer Ajay Mehra, Former International Badminton player Trupti Murgunde, Dr. Karan Chib, and Sports Analyst Sreeduth Pillai were the panelists that attended the webinar and spoke about the various challenges and approaches regarding the resumption of sports in India.

You can watch the complete episode below.

This past weekend, Fireside Chats on Boxing in India had featured Dr. Saranjeet Singh who opened up about the best practices in sports science as well. You can check out all the previous episodes of Fireside Chats on Boxing in India on the Facebook or YouTube page of Club Fights.


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