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Elon Musk chills with UFC owner in a yacht amidst Twitter Lawsuit

LockerRoom Team
20 July 2022

Elon Musk might be going through the Twitter lawsuit, but that is not stopping him from chilling out. The Tesla boss was seen chilling with Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel last day on a yacht. The picture that has surfaced on Twitter shows Ari Emanuel hosing down Elon Musk on the boat.

The photo has evoked some interesting comments on the social media platform.

Twitter sued Elon Musk a few days back to compel him to complete his $44 billion acquisition of the company, setting the stage for a protracted legal battle over the social media service's future.

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Musk agreed to buy Twitter in April but announced last week that he would back out of the deal. Twitter sued Musk in Delaware Chancery Court to force him to comply with the acquisition agreement.

The court will decide whether he is still liable for the purchase or whether Twitter breached its obligation to provide Musk with the data he requested, allowing him to walk away.

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The issue of disclosure is central to the case. Musk claimed that Twitter refused to hand over information about spam bots, also known as fake accounts, on the platform, prompting him to terminate the agreement.

He repeatedly stated that he did not believe the company's public claims that approximately 5% of its active users are bots. He claimed that Twitter intentionally misled the public and obstructed his efforts to obtain more information about how it accounts for the figures. Musk has also criticised Twitter for failing to provide advance notice before firing two key executives.

Twitter wants a four-day trial in September. The agreement has a completion date of October 24. If the transaction is still pending regulatory approval at that point, Musk and Twitter will have another six months to complete it.

You can see the photo featuring Elon Musk and Ari Emanuel below. Article prepared with inputs from NYTimes.

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