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Elipitua Siregar looking to get a fast finish at ONE: Dawn of Valor

Press Release
Calendar Icon24 October 2019

Two Indonesian athletic champions are facing off on October 25 in ONE: DAWN OF VALOR in front of their countrymen at Istora Senayan in Jakarta.

Indonesian National Wrestling Champion Elipitua “The Magician” Siregar is scheduled to take on Indonesian Regional Boxing Champion Egi Rozten in a mixed martial arts strawweight bout on the supporting card.

Speaking about his next outing, Siregar is excited about the opportunity to showcase his skills.

"I'm always excited to fight in Indonesia," Siregar said.

"It's my home country, and I know a lot of Indonesian fans will be happy to watch us throw down in there. We have great fans who understand the sport and appreciate the effort that goes into every fight. I'm thankful for the opportunity to showcase my skills here at home."

The Bali MMA representative has a 100% finishing rate but suffered his first loss last February in ONE: CLASH OF LEGENDS. Naturally, he aims to redeem himself, so the 22-year old dedicated his time to training to improve his competence and learn new skills for his next bouts.

"I'm always training to improve my skills," Siregar said.

"After every fight, I learn something new about myself, and I discover where I need to focus. So I've been hard at work, plugging those holes. I think by the time I step back into the ring, I'm going to be a better fighter. I plan to showcase this in my next fight."

“The Magician” is one of Indonesia’s most prolific wrestlers. His time so far in the ONE Circle has been memorable. Through four contests, Siregar has been able to showcase his dominance on the mats, and ability to manhandle opponents via a variety of takedowns and ground offensive. As such, he’s become a sort of fan-favorite due to his explosive performances, no matter who he is matched with.

But the Indonesian warrior is still unsatisfied with his current level.

"I have had to work a lot on my grappling," Siregar said.

"Mixed martial arts is a tough sport. There's so much to learn. A lot of martial artists spend years studying these disciplines. I have to learn it all in a short period. But I'm determined to do what is necessary to achieve success."

Siregar’s opponents have always been primarily strikers, and his aggressive cage control has been an effective way for him to dictate the pace of his bouts.

"Egi Rozten is a great boxer," Siregar said.

"He has good and strong hands. But I think he's very weak on the ground, so I want to exploit that a little bit. I want to take him to the mat and finish him there. That's why he lost by ground-and-pound last time because he doesn't know much about ground fighting. That is my opinion.

"That being said, I do think he is a great boxer. I have to watch out for his hands because they're fast and powerful. But this is mixed martial arts. It's not just about being able to punch hard. You have to be good at other things too."

Though Siregar’s mixed martial arts career is flourishing, he looks to be on a path to becoming a top contender in his division. But right now “The Magician” wants to concentrate on his next bout and give the fans another explosive outing.

"I'm always looking to finish every fight as fast as I can," Siregar concluded.

"Fans can expect a fully focused Elipitua Siregar on fight night. I come with explosiveness and aggressiveness. I want to test my skills against the best in the world. One day, I will become a world champion. I'm committed to making that happen."


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