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Reopening Gyms in India: How Dynamic Kickboxing in Noida is Reopening

LockerRoom Team
24 August 2020

The Gyms across India have reopened following the COVID-19 lockdown. The lockdown had been a huge blow for the Indian fitness industry in general but now that the restrictions are eased, it is time to adapt and get back to business.

In this series ‘Reopening of Gyms in India’, we hope to feature multiple gyms across the nation and their plans in the post-COVID time period. In this fourth chapter, we talked to Suvro P Basu who is the founder of Dynamic Kickboxing Cross Training Fitness in Noida.

Below is what he had to say:

Motivating the members with challenges during the lockdown

The very first case of COVID Positive came around the 1st week of March probably in Noida. Within no time it started increasing and we had to completely shut the gym on the 20th of March as per directions by the authorities, hoping that we can reopen again in a month or two. The first 15 days everyone was almost quiet, initially everyone enjoying the phase of lockdown with family and loved ones at home. Soon social media was flooded with all cooking experimenting photos, home chef, and their specialty dishes.

After 15 days we started motivating our members by giving them different workout challenges, some came with great response and started posting their workouts and some remained quiet. We continued the same process for around two months and then in the third month, we started online workouts without charging anything.

 In Between, there was a buzz that gyms will reopen again from June but this news soon faded and we were left with no options than to prioritize Zoom online training classes in a full-fledged manner. This time we started paid sessions as well. The common thinking of people in India is that workout cannot be done online and we tried to make them understand the positive side of Online training also.

So our online classes peaked quite well soon and people who joined started understanding the positive side of this training system also. We offered them our one of the popular training module " Kickboxing and Cross-training" through Zoom live and presently even after reopening gyms we are running morning-evening batches online. Despite tough times we have given an extension to the members who have had a valid membership also

The new precautions that are being taken

The Health and safety of our members have always been a top priority. Even during non –COVID times, we have had maintained top most hygiene and remain one of the cleanest gyms in the entire Delhi NCR

Firstly Temperature checks and Spo2 level check at the entry gate is compulsory for all members, visitors and even gym staffs. Mask compulsory for all visitors. Compulsory use of Face Polycarbonate shields for specific workouts. The use of Arogya setu application is also needed.

Slots available through pre-booking only and maximum participants in a batch reduced to only 12 members. CDS approved indoor environment disinfectant being used for surface cleaning, a separate chemical is being used to clean most commonly touched surfaces additionally Fog and Mist being used to disinfect the air and defeat the virus.

Hands-free sanitizer booth being installed at prominent areas of gym use of Gym common gloves and other safety equipment have been banned from using, people only need to carry their own personal equipment. Mats and other equipment are cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day

The reaction of the members

Our Hardcore gym workout lovers returned as soon as we reopen, during lockdown the people who have joined online training modules have clearly indicated that they want to carry on the virtual process of training for at least the next few months. During lockdown we also have had lots of new enquiries coming in and they have started joining in slowly, and also we have certain people who are absolutely quiet, so it's a kind of mixed reaction among people. Next few months will be able to understand the actual reaction of people practically

Thoughts on Guidelines set by Government

The guidelines set by the government are absolutely essential at this moment, we have no other options than to follow it, and it’s actually good for all of us now at least for the next few months. We have to maintain precautions and at the same time maintain a healthy exercise lifestyle. People are scared now and it will take some time till everyone understands the only way to remain safe from this disease is to exercise, maintain fitness, and develop a strong immune system.

Challenge of training combat sports

It’s absolutely true that training contact sports are a challenge now. Luckily our gym focuses more on stand up arts, Grappling we have stopped completely for now and may continue to not run for some more months. We are focusing on solo drills for both ground and stand up game with lots of functional training, shadow, and bag work and for pad work, pad holders need to wear face shields for both Boxing and Muay-Thai. Yes, it's a bit uncomfortable but it's better to be safe and provide a safe environment for other people too so that the fear of training in gyms goes away soon.

Tune in for the next chapter in the series where we will be featuring another gym that has reopened post-lockdown.


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